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Spicy Chicken Buckets.

| Look, I have been searching around anf I cannot find any good spicy chicken, served in a bucket, does anyone know where I can get some?

| Why not just buy regular chicken and add your own spice?

| Also don't forget your own bucket.

| is the chicken or the bucket spicy

| Is the bucket made of chicken or just the chicken?

| >>292792 let's stick to just the chicken.

| you trying to summon Dana or what?

| >>8e4cbb Summon, you say?

| >>605831
Most places don't serve in buckets anymore. They'll fill a bucket you bring, though!

| y u no make it.
you can make some for like 2 month and freeze what you don't eat now.
easy defrosting, easy reheating.

| >>a9b281 Do you know where I can get a bucket?

| >>606188
Ask your local seal.
They have all the bukkit knowledge you need.

| >>606188
Yea, just take a very huge bowl, the one you can pour 2 liters of soup into. Better than a paper bucket, and comfier. You could also go with a literal bucket, which I'd recommend to be a stainless steel bucket because >easy to wash the grease off of.

| Sounds fun and all, but if I say, want to go and eat out, or order Spicy Chicken in a bucket, where should I go?

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This thread is permanently archived