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Oh you like history?

| Name everything that has happened so far

| You being a cunt.

| Adam and eve having big new sex
Thousands of ancestors having sex
My dad having sex
Then comes me
Then me not having sex
Then comes my adopted son

| >>605787 okay, now name every music made.

| So our whole universe was in a hot dense state

| that time I put my wiener in your mom's hoohah

| I love sex
theg kill sex

| Gentlemen music is ssuch a capitalism scheme that was invented in the 10 century by pepsola. Do not trust Kanye west. Learn from history

| >>605807 It starts with wing wong bang bong and ends with wub wub wub wub.

| Nobunaga commited seppuku at honnouji having been betrayed by one of his retainers. Then Kojima was born.

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This thread is permanently archived