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I am being stalked

| I've recently started uni and all was quite nice and well untill I noticed a stalker. She's been doing it for some time now, but now my friends are asking me about who tf is this and why she is checking their stories and stuff. What should I do about it? I am little uncomfortable with the situation right now

| Uhh confront her?

| It sounds creepy and hot. Well, mostly hot since you've just gained yourself a stalking yandere! Congrats!

| >>605777 What do I say her? She's not my type tbh

| I mean, I don't wanna hurt anybody, but this is getting serious and troublesome

| >>605792
You ask her who she is and why she is following you. She might just be shy, and it's better to let her down easy before her stalking gets worse.
Offer to be her friend, that way she won't lash out as much.
Before you do, though, get statements from all your friends that this girl is stalking you and be prepared to present them to the police, in case she tries to cry rape after you tell her to stop stalking you.

| Report the bitch to the authorities. Best yanderes are 2D only

| I wish I was being stalked by a girl or at least had the interest of one...

| OP here
>>605795 Thank you for your advice. Welp, I know who she is 'cause we are both newcomers this year and she is even studying the very same course as me. We even talked a couple of times about studying.
Some of my friends want to stalk her back as a revenge for me. Any thoughts on that?

| >>605870
>Some of my friends want to stalk her back as a revenge for me
no offense but your friends sound like morons, that's the quickest way to a restraining order especially if they're dudes

| >stalking back
>>605795 youre gonna get cucked by your pals

| >>605878 Calm down, that'll be internet stalking and they are female

>>605882 I don't mind honestly

| >>9b5931 why tho, it only takes one false accusation from her to destroy your life lol

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