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Is Danger/u/ safe again?

| Are... Are the summer g/u/rls gone?

| Try the Safe/u/ app.

| Seems like it mostly, though the winter g/u/rls are almost here

| Winter g/u/rls are cooler anyways imo.

| >>f6c642 heh

| >>605698

| >>605698 i half scoffed

| Safty is an illusion

| Not only on period days

| It's now safe to continue posting.

>medic video akbar

| is it though?

| >>605763
>vsauce music starts playing

| I think it's safe. Safe enough to remove the captcha even

| > are the summer g/u/rls gone?
Jokes on you, I live in the southern hemisphere. That means I'm the summer g/u/rl now and I'm gonna say the N word !!




| >>606034 reolfag spammed even with captcha. Captchas killed this site. Now it's just full of retarded trannies.

| >>605894 >>605994 >>606034


| >>606101 Are you saying there was a time it was'nt?

| >>89e7bc

| >>606163 ever a chanceeee like a smol one of us ever being free ?

| >>606269
I want to be freeee

Seriously though, in a way it feels like the spammer won. Yeah, he can't ruin the board by spamming pages and pages, but he did bring down the quality and ease of use of the board. Sure, I prefer captcha over walls of spam, but in the end the REOL/Russian spammer will forever live in infamy on /u/ and will forever be known or at the very least he left a permanent mark on the site: the Almighty Captcha that was created solely to stop him and him alone.

| >>606271

He's only "won" if you look at capcha as a hindrance instead of a minor annoyance- and only if people keep bringing him up. Times change. Memories fade.

b/u/rg is eternal.

| Besides, it wasn't just for him- it pretty much squashed copycats and other, weaker spammers who didn't have the same finances or raw autism.

| Everyone's so mean to captchan.

| I think danger/u/ is better with the captcha... maybe I'm gonna get shamed, but the pace of posting being brought down also kills a bit of (extremely) low effort posts. Posts are longer now imo. And probably better ?
and the spammer has not won, they underwent checkmate. that's far from winning imo. but yknow I'm just a random g/u/rl. I can be wrong.

also hail burg

| the captcha isnt even annoying. except when the last word is cropped which causes me to reload

| >>606334 just had that happen

What are the chances of making the captcha 2 words instead of 3? >>606288

| >>606034 Gamers rise up

| Not safe, never safe.

| danger/u/ isn't safe, it's DANGEROUS

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