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| hi im new to this app, anything i should know? whats its purpose? im interested yet confused

i hope everyones evening is well

| Its an anonymous board based on a ficticious board from the game VA-11 HALL A


| There are a lot of VA-11 HALL-A references. You should play it, so you feel a little less confused

| Welcome! We're just a comfy little anonymous text board. Here's some notes to get you used to the place:

Play VA-11 Hall-A.

You can click on post number to reply to it. >>605608

The captcha can be annoying. If it's terrible, you can refresh the page (but you should copy your post first just to be safe).

We're all g/u/rls. There are no boys on the internet.

Someone will inevitably post that they love sex.

| i love sex

| I adopt sex as my son

| Theg killed sex once

| >>605608
Welcome, new g/u/rl!

| Nobody likes Theg

| Who is sex and Theg father?

| >>605732
Sex is sex. All love sex. Theg killed sex. All hate They.

| Theg killed sex? Yeah right. More like Theg the egg. That pussy can't do anything.

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This thread is permanently archived