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Sorry for the downtime

| My VPS provider had a stroke yesterday, and I couldn't do anything but wait.

| kys.

| on my way to sex

| and kys (kissing your sister) B-)

| It's ok, that kind of thing happens

| thank you prefetcher, very cool!

| Thanks for letting us know!
We were worried about the site and you!

| its ok your still best loli

| Np, we still love you pref

| Good to hear from you again

| I'm not gonna let this thread die

| >>605905 they gonna manually shut this down anyway

| >>605929
They wouldn't unless someone started a flame war about which model of Hotwheels is racist or something

| >>605460 pref you made such low profile post I almost missed it.

miss having you mods hangimg around

where's everyone at?

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This thread is permanently archived