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How ignorant is your family about safety?

| >they use phone to check messaging apps while driving
>"focus on the road please"
>"its ok i drive for years"
>almost runs over a person

that's probably the worst thing they do, even if it's just one thing that shit will probably cause an ugly accident soon. I've seen people take a pic of their parents playing mobile games like Hearthstone while driving.

| That's fucked.

| Well,
They made me.

| >>605376 the keyword is almost.

| Fines are around 130$ here for being caught with a phone in hand while on the wheel.

| My mom drives like a demon sometimes but she's really fucking good at it, so I don't mind.

| >>605376
>not passing your phone to the passenger seat or using hands-free devices

She's trying to kill you both

| Wait, your parents can play Hearthstone? Officially jelly. Mine can play Monopoly. That's uhh... That's about the extent of our family games.

| >>605376

Go tell em buy a self-drive Tesla, yeah i'm fcking serious.

| My mom's an alcoholic and often drives the car with a good few glasses. Pretty fun.

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This thread is permanently archived