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Anyone here going to Miku Expo 2020 Berlin?

| Would be nice to meetup with a g/u/rl there, if anyone's coming.

| dont have money

>hook sear lewd

| i'm out of europe rn... fml

| looks like noone's coming u_u

| There's a Miku Expo in Berlin next year?

| >>605457 yeah, on 20th of January.
And not only in Berlin.

| Which side of the wall?

| >>605484 east, you shouldn't ask things like that, komrade

| >>605541 Not your komrade anymore, amigo. Got this russian passport from 1912 that proves that someone in my family left Russia while the Tsar was still alive.
Funny thing is, I have one family member, who might have been the son of the passport owner, who was stopped by the KGB in Moscow in his 40's or something for not doing millitary service. He left Russia as a child using his mother's passport. The soviets had their shit on point back then. He had to stay one month in Moscow.

| >>605662 That escalated quickly

| >>605744
We do not want to go back to the bad times.

| I might go to the one in Amsterdam

| Ola Aphrodite is my only idol and she is real so I shall not worship any false idols suck as Miku and her degenerate posse

| >>605817 yeah that's cool, but can she do this?

>lab olsen leach

| >>605800 why Amsterdam though? Do you live in Netherlands?

| >>605940 ye

| >>605941 oh, well, that's too bad.
still much more convenient than flying to Berlin from my country

| >>605797
Fortunately there won't be a tsar anymore. At least one thing the soviets did well and sustainable.
But they failed getting rid of religion. The orthodox church has its zombie alike comeback and islamism dominates the Caucasus.

| I'd go to one if it wasn't in Germany. Hate most Germans.

| >>606042 What happened? Hans insulted you in German Simulator 20XX?

| >>606045
Maybe she just doesn't want to get raped or turned into a furry.

| >>606124
>turned into a furry
you mean arab, right?

| >>606276
Germany has the highest concentration of furries in the EU.

| >>606354 this is only because of arabs
>weed poach pilled

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This thread is permanently archived