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Tonight I'm hitting this rusty bar called va-11 hall-a, is it a nice place?

| A friend of mine said people working there are nice and place is cosy with a qt3.14 waitress

| They have a dog working there now. A DOG and it's WORKING there... Smh, what a country.

| >>604433 you mean gil?

| I also heard that there's a pretty cute bartender, sounds like a nice place


| Place smells likes shit though (dog urine?)

| >>604434 oi, that's mean.

saw someone walk out with a bucket on their head... pretty weird if you ask me

| >>604436
shes really full of herself though

| >>604436
The boss is more charming tho

| If they offer you a "levitation potion" just don't take it

| I think I even saw a glass with a fake autograph of Kira Miki, pathetic lol

| The drink machine out is really nice tho, he looks kinda nice tho, we're about to talk about rock

| >>604553 Maybe, they got a VIP ticket for one of her concerts and got the autograph during that

I myself always take the VIP tickets and I have so many autographs of her
These tickets are expensive as fuck, but I'm not regretting getting any of those

| Such a lovely place. streaming-chan made it popular with her last stream

| >>604534
Yeah but her taste in music is alright. I rarely find bars with such solid playlists.

| >>604565 real noisy guys

| Whats up with this mechanical arm of their boss?

| >>604570 think you can spare a ticket?

| >>54d909 I know she hyped it up to be the nastiest bar in Glitch City but I was kinda surprised over how good it looked on the inside, staff didn't even look that shady as she said they would.

Maybe we could try and have her host a some kind of fan meet-up in that bar? Rumor is that you can actually rent the place if you talk to the owner.

| >>604784 now who would talk to THAT owner? No one wants his head to be mashed in like soft potato. She looks dangerous is all I'm saying>>604701

| >>604811 Wait?! You are telling me the buff one with the mechanical arm is the owner? With that sort of appearance I didn't think she was anything but a bodyguard or something.

Guess my plan wasn't all that good...

| she's kinda hot though wouldn't mind if she beat me with that arm
uwu heard she lost it after a fight with some bears or something vulgar like that

| I thought she lost it in a botched science experiment?

| Maybe it's something else entirely different? I know someone who can get us some answers

| I want the boss tho choke me with her robot arm <3

| say hi to the boss for me

| So apparently she lost her original arm "fighting a cyborg wrestler that had gone rogue"?? Anyhow >>605164 that's a big mood

| >>604429
There is a cute hacker comes sometimes, so I'll go with ya. I want to invite her on a date.

| >>605281
u know this anon ?
then u no anon

| >>605283
I just heard about her, i dunno her.

| >>605285 that's a very suspicious thing to say hmmm

| >>605298
Call da police, bro.
Ah, it's a Glitch-City, no one will come.

| >>605285
I was referring to g/u/rl >>54d909 when you replied in post>>605281

but now you're suspicious...

| >>605314
So don't ya know about textboard principles?

| >>605318
no ;_;

| >>605351

| Dog piss and hand soap, if that's what you are into.

| Wait, what? I thought the boss lost her arm wreastling some bears??? That's what I heard at least.

| They are going to go out of business very soon. Just saying.

| >>605597 Nah, they're good till Gryffin comes to GC

| >>605597
you dont think thats one of the bars involved in the crap thats got BTC shutting places down? i heard their bars were involved with organ harvesting, or something like that.

| >>605850
Dunno bout organ harvesting, but heard some rumours of BTC's economic politics. As they shuttin places down 'cause profit is becoming equal to costs. Somethin like that.

| bar tenders are cute

| Cute bartenders are costing them too much

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