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Moving to Japan

| So in April, I should be moving to Japan. I'm pretty excited about it but it's also scary. I've been studying Japanese a little bit. I'm not very good but I'm able to make small talk. I will go to a language school for two years. Has anyone here ever been there? I'll be in Fukuoka. Not near Tokyo or Osaka where most people go.

| Are you working there, or are you a student?

| I will be in a language school for the first year. I'll be working part time. My goal is to go to the language school for two years, then to a university. After that if like to work and stay in Japan if it is possible.

I've been saving up my money for almost three years to make it happen. I live in an expensive area so it isn't easy to save money... All that is left for me to do is email them my bank statement and hope they accept my application. I've already paid the reservation

| So ideally they have no reason to deny my application. It's really been a long journey. I'm just excited to see the REAL journey actually start haha

| uhh i was in Fukuoka but i cant really tell you much about it because we were only there for a few hours. there was a bike shop that accepted bitcoin, that was pretty cool. i used a credit card instead because im not cool. everyone in Japan prefers cash, but since the Olympics are coming around credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. it will get hot there in summer.

you should have gone to Sapporo instead, i could tell you everything you needed to know about that place.

| Which school program are you doing? ECC?
Also what size room are you choosing, and/or are you living off of campus?
Does it still cost around $10,000 for language school there?

| I stayed in Fukuoka for about a week a couple years back. Pretty nice city, very chill, the people there are super nice.

Good luck on your journey, op

| I'm jelly. Good luck.

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This thread is permanently archived