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Snipping Tool

| Anyone know something that's like Snipping Tool, except there's a hotkey for snipping? I tried Greenshot and ShareX and I don't really care for the other features. Literally all I want is Snipping Tool, but with hotkeys. You can't even draw/write over the screenshots you take with the other two I mentioned, which I do a lot, so I'd have to open Paint or something.

| Well, you can draw on them but it's not as simple as it is in Snipping Tool.

| Don't know how you're using ShareX, you CAN draw/write over them, and you CAN use hotkeys for snipping a region. It's not that hard to look in the settings for a bit, I think there's even a hotkey by default which is ctrl+prntscrn

| if you're using windows 10, it's built in with win+shift+s

| Try using a pair of scissors and some crayons.

| Don't forget the glue if you want to paste something.

| HyperSnap is what I use.
It's good, but some hotkeys require rebinding since they are common combinations in games and some software.
i.e. Ctrl+Alt+R for a screen region screenshot while you are reloading your gun slowly crouching in R6.
you got my point

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This thread is permanently archived