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I joked about suicide on facebook

| facebook deleted my post and told me to call suicide hotline omegalul

| Congratulations, you are now on a watchlist.
Don't use that site.

| Great, now disable your fucking account and never joke about suicide in a place where you can be identified.

| Was it obvious, that you joked or where you actually pretending to kill yoursel?

| >>602822
I shared a comic called "how to hang yourself". you can probably google it

| >>602823 lol I googled it and my first result was a Suicide Prevention Hotline

| >>602800 +1 but you have to delete it, that "disable" bullshit doesn't wipe your data (it just makes your page inaccessible to you and anyone trying to view it). fb will try to get you to disable and not delete though

| >>602829 all according to p l a n

| looks like you
committed social suicide

| >>602885 how so?

on another note, my friends knew the full extent of my depression. facebook was literally nitpicking 1 out of many of my suicide related posts.

| facebook wont delete your posts about suicide if you delete your profile

| >1 out of many of my suicide related posts
Do or do not, there is no "let me just talk about it fucking constantly".

| >>602941
lol at >people complaining about depression offends me

we live in a society

| >>602834 >implying fb won't still keep your data either way

| >>602790 yeah, suicide isnt that fun. I used to joke about all of the times but recently my uncle just killed himself and I cant look my mother in the face. She's devastated. The worse thing is that I still joke about it.

| >>602942
Who the fuck said anything about "offense"? Nothing is more fucking insufferable than someone who threatens suicide fucking constantly.
Either fucking do it or don't, but shut the fuck up about it. Stop using it to attention whore & force sympathy.

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This thread is permanently archived