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| How do you convince your friends to join?
My friends is like "cool game, i like it, but i don't want to buy anything because it's expensive"
Also my local shops charge for visiting ~4$ for day and ~10-20$ for mtg events days
For me (jobless student) 4$ for week is to much after i spend 40$ for my 2 decks (i keep them pretty cheap)
Do you have similar problems?
Do you know how to solve this?

Arena isn't for me, i don't like only pc ccg. Also i really like live games

| Not a cardgame player personally, but you may be able to find a group that allows for using printed counterfeit cards? It would eliminate the issue of cost down to just paper and ink. Finding a personal group in general would make things cheaper, as they shouldn't charge admission.

You say you don't like PC only games as well which I understand completely, but there are some netplay CCG clients that might get your friend interested in it before spending money. LackeyCCG being one.

| If you have enough decks you should let them borrow yours every now and then. If they get really into it, they'll eventually buy their own. I also highly recommend looking into Pauper if they play it at your local game store. If you don't know, it's an eternal format (basically, card from every set ever printed are legal) but you can only use commons and uncommons, which means that the decks are extremely cheap, but also really powerful, with some having turn 3 kills and stuff.

| You can't really do anything about the fact that your game store charges money to play there, but while that sucks, you should probably be glad they do it. Game stores don't earn a lot and in recent years a lot of game stores all over the world have been forced to shut down because of it.

You should really look into Pauper though. Watch some videos, look at decks etc. It's super cheap to get into and some people genuinely view it as the best format.

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This thread is permanently archived