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Shoulder pain and weakness when lifting my arm

| Google said I'm going to be crippled for life, so might as well post it here tp see of anyone had similar experience. Also I'm the opposite of athletic, so the only cause I can think of is excessive clicking.

| doubt, just sounds like soreness. stretch it out and wait for a few days, it should be fine. report if it still is bad.

| Excessive clicking can legit do that. Tendonitis. Look it up homie.

| You're terminally ill, we can't do anything for you, sorry.

| Looks like tendonite to me. Maybe take some anti-inflamatory

| >>602660 soreness usually either give the non-painful weird feels or straight up pulsating pain but its more like sharp pain when in certain positions but i'm no doctor and i've never had soreness in my shoulder joints before (shoulderblade at most) so.. maybe???

>>602677 i knew it, clicker games are evil.. i'm tellin ya

| >>602682
(´ᵕ _ʖ ᵕ`)

| >>602686
i'll look it up

thanks for the serious responses tho, (and the joke one)

i need my right arm for my job (who doesn't) so its giving me mild anxiety. talking about it helps

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This thread is permanently archived