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Joker is so fucking good!

| I watched it for the second time today, and I'm planning on watching the last screening of it here on Saturday. It's such a good movie!

There's not really anything in the movie that shouldn't be there. Everything fits, everything is extremely well written and shit, and Joaquin Phoenix's acting is perfect! A character that makes you so fucking uncomfortable, does horrendous shit, and you still feel bad for him and relate to the shit he's going through. It's kind of a masterpiece.

| *well written and shot

| I watched it this Wednesday and I have to say its already in my top 5 movies of all time. It may not make me uncomfortable yet every horrible thing he does has a reasoning behind it to the point that everyone can sympathise with Phoenix

| It's a good movie, but it it's far from perfect. The introspection in the mind of the Joker is achieved beautifully, but I feel like the reality surrounding the main character wasn't developed fully as it should have been. And, I don't know, the way the mass makes him its idol is not that believable...
But, I repeat, very good movie. And I loved the Scorsese references. God I loved them so much.

| >>602754
Him becoming an idol, starting riots and all the other stuffed isn't supposed to be believable, because even in the movie, it's not real. A lot of the movie is happening purely in Arthur's head.

Exactly what parts are real or not, if any, are not specified, but it's safe to assume that everything in the movie that seemed off or unrealistic, is off or unrealistic because it's the movie is seen from Arthur's point of view. Arthur, who confirmed to be extremely delusional.

| Go watch Taxi Driver and King of Comedy. They are better films that Joker is derivative of and pays homage to.

| Yeah, DC nowadays is actually doing the shit.
Marvel is too constrained by their little "cinematic universe" to do anything actually creative and out-of-the-box. Although DC was always like that, I feel, they may not have been "good" under an objective lens but even at their worst they were memorable enough to keep in your mind.

| is it There Will Be Blood good, or Batman 3 """"""good"""""""?

| we live in a society

| Was thinking of it couldnt decide between joker or it Cht 2 so i picked the latter

| I am also, fucking good. I am so horny, g/u/rls. Is anyone as horny as I am?

| Meh. I've seen Joker today but well. >>602794 This. While Joker was well made (budget> 9000), it lacks something. I didn't enjoy it and I found it kinda boring. Well, guess it was the last Marvel/DC I've watched.

| >>603078
Well, yeah. I can see how some people find it boring. It's not a superhero movie. Not really a super villain movie either. If you're not interested in mental health and politics it's probably really shitty to watch.

| >>603109 Nah. I am interested in such things but the story could've been written by a 13 year old teenager. Like srsly. No depth/whatsoever. There are cartainly better movies on such themes though! I dislike superhero/villain movies alltogether, they're too obvious. Not trying to ruin you this movie but man, it sure ain't my favourite one. ^^ If you've enjoyed it - cool! Glad you did.

Taxi Driver >> Joker tho.

| >>603135
Nah, you're not ruining it. I think you should rewatch it though. You complain about lack of depth but I feel like it had a lot of that. I guess I also relate a lot to the main character, so that probably makes the movie a lot better for me. Watching him is so fucking painful, the character is played perfectly, and it's so amazingly done. Definitely one of my all time favourites (though I don't watch a lot of movies).

Haven't seen taxi driver, so can't comment on that.

| >>603135
The story is very far from "could have been written by a 13 year old" though. That level of social commentary and knowledge of mental illness by the people who made is is really fucking accurate, and really well portrayed. People like the main character do exist in real life, and they are treated just like that. They're also very fucking delusional, just like most, if not all of the movie was delusion, fantasy and hallucination.

| >>603145 Cannot comment on the use of knowledge on mental illness in the movie since mine hasn't been diagnosed yet. xD (we all got one or a few screws loose, haven't we?) But I gotta say that the events which are driving Arthur more and more into a corner are not exactly surprising. It's almost kind of cheesy, those kids stealing his sign and the boss who is scolding him for that? Jeez. I call bs. ^^'

| Also I don't think that people with mental illness are the only ones who are treatened this way though. Almost everyone is when being a bit socially awkward or something. People that don't fit this society aren't treatened at as a part of it - such is life.

| Delusions are necessary on order to stay more or less sane, I think. If you can't have what you are craving for, one can at least dream of it, knowing it's useless to make yourself false hopes.

| >>603147
I wouldn't say those events are cheesy at all. Those events, especially when you take his past into consideration and the fact that the movie clearly hints at this sort of abuse happening to him a lot, would drive anyone mad, especially if you're as fucked up mentally as he is.

That's not completely true, and how is that not fucked up? It's clear from this comment that you've never been subject to such a lack of respect and support.

| >>603152
I don't think you know what a delusion is. A delusion is not a daydream or fantasy. A delusion is when you truly believe something that is completely false, like how people respond to certain things, or genuinely believing that events that have never occurred a true, or believing that you have experienced something that you haven't. An obvious example would be Arthur's mother genuinely believing she had a child with Wayne and is too mentally ill to realise she didn't.

| >>6480fe
To add to what I said earlier, this movie is probably boring for people who aren't interested in mental health and psychology or don't understand how it works. I don't care that you didn't like the movie, everyone has different tastes, but please don't talk about topics like mental health so nonchalantly when you don't at all understand it. If you genuinely are interested in mental health and psychology I suggest you research it. It's extremely interesting to read about.

| >>603155 Well, the fact it is happening is cheesy. Who the fuck would bully a clown in the streets by stealing his sign? Come on man, you got to be kidding me. I go with the physical abuse at home, sadly it's not an exception and is probably happening a lot more often than one would think.

| And oh my, someone is feeling special here. Sorry I hurt your pride or something. >>603160 Glad you do understand how society and the human mind works, no need to do research for me then.

Know what I think? Life is fucked up. Society is, people are. Keep telling yourself that you're a special snowflake. Do you think someone cares about your mental state/illness when bullying? Nah. I don't think so. Opinions differ. I've been there, and sucks.

| Don't assume other peoples knowledge by knowing a fraction about them tho. That stinks.

| >>603202

I will assume that your knowledge of it is minimal when you yourself say that you're not qualified to comment on it and you use the word delusion as an equal to normal fantasy and dreaming.

I'm sorry to hear, but that doesn't mean you should accept it or don't care that it happens to others. If you don't care about abuse and fucked up treatments of people you either have no empathy or you're very ill. Probably both. That's not an insult btw.

| >not one shooting
I'm still fucking laughing at this, after all the fucking fearmongering over it.

| The media needed joker to fail or cause a mass tragedy

| >>603282
But it did neither.

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