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Most people find their other half. And I just have to wake up and accept already that maybe there is no other half.


| Yeah, there is no half to the rest of your post.

| I feel you OP, I just bought a cake the other day and the next day, I just couldn't find the other half and I too thought to myself "Maybe there just isn't another half" this was really difficult for me, but I just stopped buying cake and that just kinda solved it

| who half-g/u/rl here?

also for a more serious answer, don't put too much importance on finding your other half. You are a WHOLE already.

| >>602632 Yeah, I agree, that's actually a good answer

| I would propose that everyone is actually about one eighth. That's why open relationships is the shit these days

| >>602643 *is shit without communication and maturity from all parties involved. Much much more communication and maturity needed than a traditional relationship.

| There is no other half, OP. You, on your own, are already whole.
You may feel incomplete, but no other person than yourself will be able to fill that empty space!
That person that is no other than your new, positive, self sufficient and self confident self!

| >>602617
I found my other half, and now they are dying of cancer on a different continent.
I miss them so much, and I can't even be there with them.

| Who needs love when you've got vidya?
Legit don't understand people who are fucking dying of loneliness, do you have nothing else to do?

| >>602805 Yeah, there's so much to do in life, a relationship is nice, but it's not everything

>>602617 Are you sure, that a partner would drastically change your life to the better? If you're unhappy with your life right now, I doubt, that a partner would change that, I don't know you though, so maybe I'm wrong
But still, try improving your life in different ways, maybe that will make it easier for you to find a partner too

| They don't *find* it.
Most likely they crash into it and their life changes, for better or for worse...
Also I don't like how you focus on what you "lack".

| Edge edge edge

| Op. As many people i know have stated . My wife being my best friend?? She barely my friend.
So dont stress op

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This thread is permanently archived