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I just met the Cake Man

| I've been shopping pretty hard with [chink online store] that i fell asleep, on the dream world, I had met a man on what seemed to be a chinese warehouse, nobody knows his true name but he'd give everyone a free amount of cake, "every single gram you want" as long you are the diamond member of [chink online store].

Sadly, I was a silver member and could do not but watch this fat kid eat loads of cake from 7 PM to 5 AM. I'm a bit worried since he ate a ton of them and passed out.

| Weird coincidence. Just yesterday I met the Hotdog Man. I saw a him as he left the gas station I was entering. When I asked the cashier where the toilet was, he just kept talking gibberish, and the only words I could understand were "Hotdog Man". When I found the bathroom myself, I understood why. The toilet was clogged, filled to the brim with shit. It was Hotdog Man's 37th serial shitting this week, and he continues to shit in every restroom he comes across. He's unstoppable.

| The cake man is a psychopath, he has commited several murders in the last years with his own shit and you have happened to witness the death of the fat kid, the cake was made of shit, the cashier was poisoned by the smell of shit.
I will be sleeping tonight, if you see him please hit me up using telepathy.

| >>602544 ayy.

| the legends were true then...

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This thread is permanently archived