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Why is sleeping exhausting

| Everytime I take naps I wake up with my heart pounding in my chest. Sleeping at night used to be okay, but now I keep having anxiety dreams and wake up tired.

How do I rest??

| I don't know about you, but gaming is my rest. I don't need sleep.

| I am tired of sleeping.
...Says, OP.

| >>602528 idk therapy time?

Maybe write what your nightmares are every time you wake up

| >>602528 cause if it wasn't you wouldn't be able to fall asleep.

| >>602528
If you nap too much (>1 hour <6 hours) you'll get a deep sleep that was cut short which makes you wake up tired. It also shaves off some of your sleep later at night making you sleep later and less causing you to wake up tired again in the morning. Tl;dr limit your nap for better night sleep quality

| >>602594
I honestly don't want to remember what my nightmares are. If I try to remember they'll just fester in my mind.

Noted, thanks. The more exhausting naps tend to be the sort that last way longer than they should have, but I felt those cut-short deep sleep thing often.

| >>602646 fair enough but you probably can't figure out what or why they are without knowing them to some degree, dreams and nightmares alike don't stay in your short or long term memory

| Maybe get a better bed?

| Work out more. Properly exhaust yourself so that you are more tired when you try to sleep.
It also seems like you are stressed, as that seeps into dreams from what I understand. Figure out how to legitimately put yourself at ease from your problems. That likely either means fixing them if it is possible, or disregarding them if it is not.

| why are you a faggot

| >>602678
Actually, yeah, my sleep is a bit worse when I was staying in my grandparents' place, which has an uncomfortable bed.

Can't really replace that, but I should find more excuses to sleep in my own bed.

I've been trying to find ways to distract myself and relax before bed. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I usually do my exercises in the morning, but maybe I should try some in the evening too?

| I'd say yeah, at least. Something that has helped me as well is just doing a set of squats every hour or so, as it just gets you up and moving throughout the day.

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