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| I've had a lot of free time on my hands lately, and when I'm not busy I find myself bored of everything. Any fun suggestions to add some variation?

| I love sex.

| A hobby
Try asking yourself: "What do I enjoy?" you'll probably find out. Or you can also try checking out some sports that you may enjoy.

| Magic the Gathering. It's an amazing game with a great community, and if you get really into it and start playing with a group of friends or at a local gamestore it's a hobby that will consume a lot of spare time and never leave you bored.

There's a lot of different formats(rulesets) to play too. Some very focused and competitive, and some more casual and just for fun. It can easily consume all your spare time and keeps you social, even if you usually aren't.

| Of course, if you heavily dislike card games that may be a problem, but if you like the game, it will make your life a lot less boring.

| Mtg is really cool thing
But my friends don't want to join me because of costs for cards
And my local game stores charge ~4$ for day
So i have 1 friend to share my hobbie and he studies in different countrie

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Aw. That sucks. I mean, local game stores really need that money though. I don't really have anyone to play it with either. Not regularly at least. I still enjoy having it as a hobby though. You could try to find play groups nearby though.

| >>602688 D&D? Kinda hard to get into at first, but as long as you push your friends through the initial painwheel of introduction, it can get real fun roleplaying and shit.

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D&D is amazing, and also highly recommended. MtG is not really anything like D&D though, except that it's themes and stuff are inspired by it.

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