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I've been keeping a running count of how many times I stare at this specific man's ass

| Up to 19 times now, week 7. This week I've been lazy and what peeks I did try to get were meh so I don't count them. This shit started as a personal joke because the guy in question has been hilariously nervous around me (long before this shit started-he doesn't even know I'm doing this lol) but I'm hoping no one catches on to my cheekiness.

Wish me luck g/u/rls

| Are you attracted to this dude at all or are you just staring at his cheeks for the fun of it?

| >>602526 Well, it is pretty funny in my opinion. Plus, he got a nice ass. No regrets.

Shit, I just got a glance 30 minutes ago. 20!

| 20 times in 7 weeks? You've got to be more daring, g/u/rl!

| >>602588 listen, I gotta take SUSTAINABLITY into account. I can’t relentlessly ass stare without care, I’d just get caught. If I never get caught eyeing that sexy bitch up, then I can continually exploit the current conditions and look freely with no judgement/ booty blockin

| Alright, three more today brings this up to 23. One was longer than the other and certainly more enjoyable. But one stare is one stare. Just for fucking kicks I was loudly talking about butt appreciation and I’m sure he overheard a few words. He’s still a clueless mong though lol. Went up to me on his way out too to try speaking to me. Cute. Aaaaand turned his back. Aaaand came back.

I could do this all damn semester

| Cool.

| The way OP talks about this makes me wonder if he's experienced in staring at asses

| >>602736 I'm right here m8, you find something wrong with my technique? Ya saying I should embrace the future and buy drones? Those nibbas are expensive! And potentially law-breaking...

Time to wait it out til Monday.

| Tats some gay ass shit, I tell you

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This thread is permanently archived