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I can't remember anything I read.

| So I was trying to do some reading for exams I failed and now I can't focus or remember anything I read for the past days.

It's all blank even though I went through pages several times over the past few days.

And my exams aren't until next year...

| What I do is try not to remember the words on the page but the whole page itself. I can visualize the page in my mind and though it is not very clear by doing so I remember most things that were on that page.

| You should have more sex, or masturbate more. It usually helps.

| Have you always had this problem or is it just a recent one? Might need someone to look into that

| i cant read or speak english

| Im a blind and crippled PoC woman

| I play poker on the weekends with the guys. It's fun.

| You can read something without "reading" something, you read the words but didn't hold the concept in your mind for your short term memory to pick up and fully comprehend what you read, I guess I'm really talking out my ass here but it sounds plausible

| >>602593 You wrote too long, OP wouldn't remember that.

| Summarize every read page directly after reading it on a small piece of paper.

| Try making concept map or something instead of just reading

| these are good ideas. the idea isn't to remember it word for word, but the concept. its best to try to summarize it in your own words

| I appreciate the help.

I kind of always had this due to my ptsd and constant anxiety. But it's been getting better recently. Hence why I started to get back in to finishing what I started.

Can u like remind me what was it about?

Yeah I've been trying to learn that but I suppose I need to keep doing it to get used to it. Before I would read word by word. It made things slow and tedious.

Can't have enough of that. Will do!

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This thread is permanently archived