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How many actual girls?

| Feels like a lot sometimes. Might be just one guy for all I know I guess. Old danger/u/ meme is not an answer. I can't prove it, but I'm a boy so there's that.

| Silly g/u/rl. Are you having an identity ceisis?

| >>602324 Good one, I almost spit out the water I was drinking from laughing. But seriously.

| show pp

| we have traps but no guys here

| Yeah, I'm a guy too

| Zero

| Not enough

| Did you genuinely expect serious answers OP? I doubt you'll be getting any serious results from this. PP man btw.

| 99% g/u/rls, some pps

| girls can't captcha

| i pretend to be a guy sometimes too. mostly for attention but also because you gurls are so desperate its fun to tease yall.

| We're an endangered specie here but yeah, G/u/ys are here and I'm one of them.

| >>986c53 shut up you larping fag

| The only guy were those 2-3 guys who posted their dicks on /d/. Showing dicc picc isn't that big of a deal for guys, just go have an attractive girl avatar on forums/chat apps and ask for dicc piccs, you'll get plenty of them. So, if someone is claiming that they are guy, but refuse to show dicc picc, they are just looking for attention.

| I am a g/u/y but i can't show my dicc swrry uwu

| >>602355 It's for the sake of science, how can't they understand? We have to draw a diagramm for the posterity, dude.
>>602413 No they don't, noone in their right mind would post their genetalia pictures on an online board. Maybe a bunch of perverted crazies. Haven't seen any girls on d post vagina pictures either btw.

| yeah I'm a guy
>g: g/u/rl
>u: (under
>y: your mom)

| >>602445 no you aren't silly and my mum is straight

| >>602443 it's an online absurd anon board, unless you deliberately include your face/real name, you shouldn't worry about real life repercussion or someone trying to blackmail you.

You should go and visit /r/gonewild or something, plenty of people do it.

No one needs to see vag pics because you just need to look down at your crotch. It is established that everyone in this board is gurl. So the one who claims that he has a penis that needs to prove it and change the status quo.

| >>602541
>So the one who claims that he has a penis that needs to prove it and change the status quo.
which she wont because shes larping

| i choose not to tell if im a guy or a girl. i only tell when they ask because i dont really like how they treat girls online

| >>602551 So you want to make'em think you're a girl, so that when they go treat you badly you stick'em with your dick till they're gone, right? Noble.
I treat everyone equally. Or like to think so, maybe I subconciously treat girls better.


| >>602551 never going on voice chat with randos gang reporting in

| >>602619

| >>602648 fuck you I was in public

| >>602648 How do we know that's your dick?

| >>602648 The top looks like a fookin volcano

| >>602706 I put it through some reverse image searches and didn't find any duplicates, so that's good evidence.

| >>602648 dIsgUstANg

| >>602648 mmmm pp

| >>602753 Technically, a girl could take a picture of a boy's dick, though. They've gotta put a name and a face to the dick with several SNS accounts where they would knowingly confirm. Also the face and the dick must be in a single picture or your boy identification approval will be denied withing five work days.

| Same goes for vaginas, I ain't accepting no stupid sophisms for viable arguments. I won't know what everyone sees looking down their crotch untill I see it with my own eyes.

| >>602648
my dick looks better than yours

| gurls with dicks are the best

| Is this board actually really mostly girls? I just got the app on a whim and liked the mostly nice community. I barely ever use it but like to check in sometimes. I guess I just assumed that most people who use this kind of format at lonely dudes. Either way, it's a decent community. It's nice to be part of a smaller group sometimes. At least I think it's smaller haha. I really can't be sure.

Also I had no idea people can post pictures

| xy chromosome here


| >>602909 It's a forced meme originating in the game this board came from. Someone claims there are only girls on the internet in some thread at some point. Even if there are several girls here, I still believe the majority are men.

| The majority of the people who lurk are probably men.


The game was something us g/u/rls would definitely play. I'd imagine that most active posters are female, because being anonymous is ideal for us and it's a lot quieter than Reddit. Ever been to Reddit? It's FULL of unnecessary testosterone screeches.

The format and minimal design feels... Calm? Browsing and reading here feels similar to when you're holding your baby in your arms the few minutes before the sacrifice.

| >>603014
That's an accurate description.

| I would really like this to be a place like /cgl/ where we have a mostly cis female userbase ngl, not to dump on male users but just as a nice special place. Don’t think it’s the case though.

| >>603121
Does it matter though? Why does gender have anything to do with anything when we're all anon?

| >>603146 It is a bit easier to talk about a few things that would be harder to grasp in most boards, which tend to be male dominated. In a lot of places you still get harassment for even mentioning you’re female, even if it’s relevant to what you’re talking about. That or when we do carve out a space, weirdos fetishize it and corrupt it.

| >>603149
With male internet anons, they typically don’t receive this kind of treatment. Anywhere you will go, you can talk about some experience that reveals you are male and it will be taken in stride.

Also /cgl/ can be way too bitchy sometimes and I don’t want to talk about cosplay or Lolita fashion 24/7

| Nonetheless, I don’t think danger/u/ has anons going ooga booga u have booba all the time. Which I am very thankful for. May this place remain free of retards.

| >>603153
Yeah, I feel like it's the opposite. While the whole "everyone's a g/u/rl" thing and "prove you are male by sending pp pics" is just a bit, I feel like it genuinely makes it so nobody cares if you're female here.

| >>603161 true, that was funny because everyone knows it’s a joke. I just don’t want a flood of autists coming in to ruin shit and make things unfunny. Lord knows some places have serious issues with that where people try way too hard, killing both humor and discussion.

| Why would anyone be harrassed for being a girl in the first place?

| >>603292 because some people get triggered

| >>603297 Triggered by what? How? They just go like Nelson: girl, HA HA! or something?

| >>603325 Revealing you’re female online usually attracts unwanted attention. Sexual harassment (different from sex jokes, sex jokes are funny and wanted), people projecting their issues with women onto some rando who has nothing to do with their life and going on screeching tangents, at the worst. Some people also just get awkward around someone once they realize they’re talking to chicks. This encourages most non-thotty girls to hide most of the time unless they trust the people

| >>603332
Can confirm. I'm not vegana owner, but I have a friend with vegana who complains about this a lot.

| On the other hand, people will ignore you if you are a guy in need of help on the internet/MMO. Mostly because it is a sea of sausages and girls are too busy hiding from stalkers to help a random guy.

I am not denying that girls get harrassed online, but guys are also suffer from the polar opposite problems, namely not getting enough attention.

| There are girls on the internet?!

| >>603386 we’re all g/u/rls on the internet

| Getting awkward round girls is something I can understand. Rest sounds like some rare and extremely unfortunate encounters with redneck hicks. Hiding geder isn't going to help the issue in the long run still. I'd feel more comfortable speaking with girls, if I realize that I do it already.

| >>603483
I wouldn't say it's rare. It's actually pretty fucked up how common it is.

| I'm actually female.

| >>602321
I am actual and I am a girl.

| I am not girl

| I'm a guy who desperately needs normal female friends. Like, I don't want a relationship or anything like that but out of my friends who are girls, only one is an *actual* girl. The rest are transgender. And don't get me wrong, they really are great friends. Truly. But it seems that all of the trans people (that I talk to) really have to shoehorn it into every conversation. I generally have a pleasant time talking to women because it seems that the conversation are more calm.(Cont)

| It's hard to accurately describe what I mean. I guess with my dude friends it's always meme talk and video games, even when I try to have a normal conversation. With my trans friends, it's just sex talk, trans talk, and politics. Maybe it's my age group. When I talk to some of my older friends it's a better time. Much more casual. I have a similar experience when talking to women (usually). It's part of the reason I like older women. (Cont)

| So I can understand why it would be nice for women to have a more female group to talk to. Really, I guess it's not just about common interests but also about not having to deal with the constant nagging of needy dudes. Unfortunately even if there was a community like that, normal dudes (like myself) probably wouldn't be welcome. And Im not complaining about that but it sucks being a dude on the internet who genuinely wants platonic female friends. Y'know?

| I love sex

| >>603590
Almost the name of a french magazine :
Femme Actuelle

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