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4 word lyric

| Imma start a new one and make it into vids, go spread your hope

| i drop my penis

| There on the ground.

| Liar, no she didn't

| What is that sound?

| I fucked your mom

| Mom don't enjoy it

| i am a rapist

| Also an atheist

| You forgot one word

| You're a nigger nerd

| Cool, but kinda absurd

| Insomnia, 4am fully awake

| Eat a hot steak

| Go shit i'nna lake

| These threads are fucking retarded.

| Let's share a bed

| Hungry? Eat some bread.

| if don't have bread

| Then go make it.

| Make it in breadmaker

| I'll do it later

| I'm already Tracer

| I got this rake

| Leaf turn to flake

| Go shit i'nna lake

| in south africa dake

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This thread is permanently archived