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help weeb help

| I want to learn japanese for one reason. Be able to play and understand a game called Gellerman. Any tips on how to learn japanese?

| Japanese is hard af, so I hope you're ready to spend years on it.

Learn kana first, then come back

| what the furack is a kana

| Duolingo is pretty good for dipping your feet. Haven't gotten far enough yet to determine how good it is in the long term though, but I'm memorizing the hiragana pretty well.

| Use search, every 1-2 months someone asks that. As I say every time do Tae Kims Grammar guide, than learn kanji with whatever you want and play games even if you don't enjoy stopping to decipher every word. Shit adds up relatively fast. And ffs don't try to learn a language for one game, not worth it. Do it if you're into Japanese gaming in general.

| It is hard but if you go at it with a specific motivation or objective, it helps. I've been learning for 6 months in private classes and managed to talk a little bit with people and manage day to day life there for 3 weeks.

| >>601247
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| look, don't listen to the guy saying it's hard, I'm also not saying it's easy, learning any language is a commitment, but Japanese is easier than a lot of other languages, the only difficulty comes from the script they use and you can quickly and easily get used to it. Japanese had much easier grammar than English, so as far as grammar is concerned it's not gonna pose much trouble, most of the issues would come from kanji, cont.

| kana is gonna be simple and straight forward, and as far as spoken and listening, Japanese is one and the same, but when it comes to reading and writing, they tend to use various scripts, kana and kanji, but for beginners just focus on kana, as it's enough to learn almost everything.

| >>efb146 then, if i learn kana, im pretty much a japanese expert? I only want to learn japanese to understand it. Not talk it.

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| >>601519 Kana is enough to start learning kanji. It's ridiculous to go about learning it with roman characters.

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