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say a curse word

| nobody can hear you scream here.


| Nigger faggot

| Mario says SHIT

| >>b0d2c5 wait no

| >>7d8424 Mario would NEVER

| Mario says > so long gay-a Bowser

| b-baka!!

| a curse word

| >>b60881 NANI?!

| Cyka

| Darn it!!!!!1!!1!

| gosh darn, i dont know too many bad words!!! for hecks sake, i really need to think of a frick'n good one ahahaha!

| Heck

| I'm grounded. Mom said "no more black 4chan"


| heck

| Diantre!

| Israel

| schnitzel!

| Electronic Arts

| Bob Saget

| Fuck all of you fucking fuckers I hope everyone dies, especially trannies and pedos
You're all pieces of disgusting shit born from the womb of a prostitute nigger you deplorable ballsuckers I hate the whole universe and all the hideous pathetic disappointing existence of every single fucking thing in this world

| Заебали!!! Отьебитесь!!!Суки!!! Бляди!!!


| Dummy!

| putang ina

| burg

| Scheiß weibliche Hodenkobolde

| >>601213

>hugs in filipino

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This thread is permanently archived