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i wish i had had a bf when i was like 12

| unusual thoughts thread.
also anyone in my situation?

i just feel like i would have been such a better person for it. nowadays i'm all bitter depressed and alone. most importantly i'm stuck up and repressed.
if i had had a bf at ages 12 or 13 i would have been a free soul. you know the feeling?
free unrestrained cheerful... anything.

i'm so sad.

| Nope you'd either be bitter because all your bfs were jerks or because all of them were too clingy and annoying
Nothing would ever change because you are trying to change the wrong aspect of your life, focus on your mind and how to self improve, blaming your past and what could have been will never fix your life

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and of course there's this useless answer

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So go get a bf now?
Preferably not one that is twelve.
Guys like inexperienced g/u/rls who they can teach.

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That was a good answer though, although maybe a little condenscending.

Op, worrying about the past won't change shit. Getting a bf now might not change anything either, if you just want a bf without thinking about who they are.

Find something that can make you happy now without having to rely on other people. Get some hobby. Get a pet.

| I wish I could have been your bf when you were 12.

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how old would you be

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And so you could give op some cummies ice cream huh?

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why the fuck would i want ice cream

| >>600527
Because the ice cream has my cummies in it!

| >>600555 can I just get cummies though?

| >>600715
Of course! I would love to provide.

| Every 12 year old needs a mature boyfriend, if they're going to have one at all. Fucking around with immature ones doesn't help anything.

| >>600740
I wish that would be acceptable in society.

| >>600740 did you really say that pedophilia should be socially/legally accepted?

this is the truest opinon on the net right now>>600740

| lemme smash send tweet

| >>600775 pedo retards have been trying this for the longest time, they're disgusting but unfortunately common

| if you feel overly repressed and stuck up and you dont like it, isnt that something you can work on now as an adult, instead of dwelling on how you didnt have romance when you were a child?

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>ugh, my god, an adult cock is just the worst evil ever
>getting knocked up by another 12 year old, that's how God intended it to be

| Also
Ask your shrink what attraction to a 12 year old is, sweaty, I know you have one.
It certainly isn't called "pedophilia".
Could be worse, I could be muslim & want to unironically marry a prepubescent 9 year old.

| >>600936 stop trying to justify your own disgusting kinks

| >>600936 >>600957
I dislike both of you, and I'm attracted to 12 year olds. Please stop generalising and kinkshaming, and please stop representing us this fucking badly, like, what the fuck. No wonder people don't accept us.

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pedo shaming white knights have been trying this for the longest time, they're disgusting but unfortunately common

| "Hey I kinda miss /u/, wonder whats going on there? Oh this is so relatable, I was a closeted bi boy as well..."

>getting knocked up by another 12 year old



...Oh, so it was the pedophilia ("epubowhatever".)

Okay, got cha'. Go die kidfuckers! UwU

| >>600936
there no difference with wanting to be with a 9 yo or a 12 yo.

inb4 muh hebephilia
technically 12 year olds aren't even teenagers yet so go fuck yourself.

| I wouldn't really know the feeling op I've been single all my life.

| i feel pretty confident when i say that a 12yo having sex with a 12yo is neither pedophilic nor hebephilic, and all these post arguing about adults having sex with 12 year olds are both inappropriate and off topic. this thread is completely off track and contains nothing worthwhile.

as a professional pedophile this is my expert opinion. i wish op better luck with the next thread she starts.

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You can't inb4 facts faggot.
The real dividing line is pubescence. You can bitch & moan & complain & deny all you want but the fact remains that menstruating females attract males, period. Naturally. As in by natural design. Take it up with the manufacturer, depending on your headcanon He Himself nailed a 12-13 year old & knocked her up.
Him taking off honestly lends a good bit of credence to the whole "Jesus being black" thing tbh.

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>as a professional pedophile
I'd love to see the resume you submitted to get this job.
>all these post arguing about adults having sex with 12 year olds are both inappropriate and off topic
OP never specified any age for the bf she wished she'd had. Therefore the charge of "off topic" is completely baseless.

| >>601123
facts are, hebephiles are those attracted to teenagers.
facts are, teenagehood starts from thirteen, not twelve.

| >>601133
>Hebephilia is the sexual preference for early adolescent children (those roughly ages 11 to 14). Some evidence suggests that hebephilia is a distinct and discernable erotic age preference.
From the top Jewgle result for 'hebephilia'.

| What the actual fuck!?!?!
Pedos have advanced their agenda so much now that they made up a whole new term for a different type of pedo shit so they can legalize their degeneracy in phases?
This world is beyond saving...

| >>601176
It's been an actual term for a very, very long time. It's just ignorant cunts ignoring it.

| >>601123 doubling that.

I would even say attractiveness of young, but sexually matured females are normal. We have two basic instincts: survival instinct and breeding instinct. It's a natural thing to prefer young and healthy females, because they will have better chances to have healthy kids. And the youngest and healthiest ones are that who just started to have periods. It's okay by society if you are attracted to old fat hacks, but it's wrong in terms of nature.

| And it's completly fine by nature to be attracted by 12-years olds, if they had reached puberty. But I understand that we are living in complex cosiety, and teens are just can't fully understand all aspects of life, so they needed to be protected by the law. Though in some countries age of consent is pretty low... I'm sure, if we were still live in a caves, no one would bring up such questions. And our bodies and our brains haven't changed since that time, only mind did.

| >>601187
doesn't matter how old it is, it's still despicable, just like normal pedos

| >>601208
Do yourself a favor & don't ever look up international ages of consent. To think it's as low as 12 in places like Mexico. Or nonexistent in Saudi Arabia.
Wait, nobody cares about those countries clearly being chock full of nothing but pedophiles for allowing it.

| >>601222 >nonexistent in Saudi Arabia
ok I just looked that up and it's false

| >>601362
>Additionally, a number of countries in Asia and Africa require individuals to be married before they can legally have sex. These include Libya, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, all of which are known to be highly conservative on issues around gender and sexuality
Saudi Arabia requires marriage before sex but has no legal minimum age for it.

| >>601176 actually, we already did it several hundred years ago, when we use the term "prophet" to call someone who married a girl younger than 10.

| >>601380 I live in saudi, both males and females can't marry before the age of 18 without the consent of their parents.

| >>601445
>without the consent of their parents
But, with parental consent, a 30 year old could theoretically marry an 8 year old legally, yes?

| Kid fuckers get the rope

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