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Never had liquor

| Kinda thinking to try but I kinda like my liver you know

| Alcohol is for the weak

| Go drincc till you cant thincc

| Only had vodka twice. Beluga, pretty bottle.

First time was like "Oh fuck I'm drinking fire". Second time, drank it like it was water... Eh... normal water, not russian water.

Oh, also a couple droplets of Fernet in Coca-Cola occasionaly. Foam is fun

| Which is a shame. I have an absurd amount of glasses, from Martini and whiskey ones, to peruvian pisco, and even beer jars decorated with inca stuff.

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WTF is a beer jar

| >>596942
I do suspect you have a rough idea of what kind of container it refers to.

| I've never tried either. I'll probably try it when I'm old enough and a little better mentally.

| >>596942 a mug or wathever is called. Can't translate everything perfecly.

| >>596942 Tankard! That was it! Thank-ard you for the enlightment, Todd Howard!

| I love me a cup of bourbon

| I drink a beer from time to time, but not that often

| No alcohol for me, I want a Monster energy drink

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what a chad

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This thread is permanently archived