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I'm Mentally Fucked (update 3)

| I feel kind of bad for opening a third thread when there's maybe one person who is interested, so this will probably be the last one.

I went to my first therapy session, which was kind of just them asking me stuff to determine if I need further help.

We got pretty far and it was really nice, and they too think that the symptoms point to psychosis, but that there's a possibility of it being something else. I'll be getting a list of dates for future sessions in the mail soon.

| Overall I'm happy about how it went and excited for future sessions. Just talking with them about the basics (which I wrote about in the first two threads) felt nice. They asked good question and were really nice to me.

I've heard about people having a bad time with therapists, but I'm really happy that I got nice ones. I'd also like to thank you g/u/rls for your support in the other threads. It means a lot.

(Them refers to a team of doctor and a psychiatrist btw.)

| Good luck, g/u/rl. You've made a good decision

| Hey, don't feel bad for opening these threads OP! I like that you're keeping us updated on here, and I'm glad that they are able to help you! I know a few people who didn't get the most out of their therapy sessions, so it's nice to hear you've found one that is good for you

| Tulpa.info

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That's good. Yeah, I've heard some bad stories about therapy, so I'm really glad that I got good ones.

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Congratulations, g/u/rl, for having the strength to go to therapy and getting the help you need. I'm proud of you!

| good luck with your diagnosis and therapy. i hope things go well. im that gurl from a few threads back... been thinking more and more about calling up a place and trying therapy myself, despite the risks involved for me. still too scared to do it lol.

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I'm sorry, my memory isn't the best. Could you refresh me on your situation?

Thank you!

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is ok, i dont really remember specifically what we talked about tbh. i had certain sexual proclivities and my id always changed and my friend might be undiagnosed schizophrenia

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Huh. I remember that, but I didn't see it when I went through the other threads and tried to find it. Maybe I just scrolled too quickly.

Anyway, you should go for it. If you think it could help, if you think going to therapy sounds nice, then go for it. Seriously. Even you feel like it may be risky because of what your problem is, don't worry. You'll be fine.

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been pretty suicidey today so ill probably have to... it doesnt sound nice but im out of options lol

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Yes. You should try to get one as soon as possible. Suicidal thoughts are not something that can be left alone. Please understand that mental illness is illness. It's something you have to get treatment for if you don't want to be sick for the rest of your life. If you don't want to feel these constant horrible thoughts and feelings. So please contact a therapist.

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