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What are some other textboards that you use?

| Looking for some to start getting on.

| I only use this one.
because the app is good

| https://socketbbs.com

| Only use this one too. They're all big confusing, uncomfy and full of fags. Least amount of fags here on dangeru so far.

| Just this and Clover.
Would be just this one, but Clover is necessary for the -chan experience nowadays.

| I've found out about TinyChan, it's a imageboard also with a textboard but it's compatible with mobile devices, seems to be kinda active.
Also drama seems to happen a lot there

| Just this one. Don't think I have the mental space for more, tbh.

| >>595985 They also have a VA-11 HALL-A theme on the dashboard btw

| >>595965
What's the link for Clover?

| obviously this one, saovq, 4-ch and stuff like the post office and old ass BBS.

| >>596062
Search for it on Github and F-Droid.

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This thread is permanently archived