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Why am I not allowed to join the Discord server?

| I just use the invite and next thing you know the server is not in my server anymore. Nobody even messaged me to say what is wrong!

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Were you "Et"?

| We don't like you, Jimmy, we're tired of you saying how hot are the MILFs in your neighborhood

| Yes I am et.

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Your account was made in April of this year, and also still has no profile image. Sorry, we can't trust that you're not an alt or a throwaway account.

| Also in a different thread, you commented about not visiting this website in a long time, and "forgetting your username and password..." but you don't need a password or username to visit the website.


| I really do not understand why do you place importance on the fact that my discord acc is "only" several months old or that I have no profile picture.

And that was comment about username was obviously a joke, LOL.

| Yeah, you sound sus dude.

| >>595507
makes no sense

| Weren't there a dude on discord that had their account created a few months ago and didn't even have pfp yet was accepted there?

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| discord has no chill cozy atmosphere don't bother

| Cause discord is proprietary shit.
Use mumble instead.

| >>595673
>this proprietary thing sucks
>use something worse
well aren't you intelligent

| >>595679 it's just your average Fuck
Fuck in this case is an abbreviation for FOSS cuck

| >>595673 go back to /tech/

| Don't bully OP. I'm the same and am still a member.

| >>595519
makes perfect sense to me lmao

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This thread is permanently archived