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I hate today's youth

| These young girls dress up like adults and use chicken hormones to get huge knockers and now I don't know if it's an adult or a child and never start a relationship afraid of unknowingly becoming a pedo

| I too hate society for not catering to my needs and insecurities

| >>595321 I don't hate society fpr that, I hate the specific portion of it that makes my life harder, namely: teenage girls

| try looking at their face instead of the body first and perhaps ask for their age before you try something lewd?..

| >>595361 the face is no good, so many layers of makeup hiding their true age

| But are these teens in such a hurry to become adults? Life only gets worse as you age with laws and taxes.
if I could I'd go back to my teen years and never grow up again

| >>595321
superficial thinking

i'm with you OP, degenerates everywhere, should be lined up

| >>595359 I doubt teenage girls come up with those ideas themselves. Older generations shape up the next and then complains about it.

| This is some boomer talk

| >>67bbca boomer

| >>595436 if I was a boomer I wouldn't be having this problem, boomer women all look like old hags.
I'm a millennial, also please don't mark my ID, I have dynamic IP so things get confusing

| I have a small problem with the same thing for a different reason. I'm annoyed that girls my age look too adult. It would make my life as almost pedo a lot easier if they didn't dress and look like adults.

| "I hate people because they for some reason don't feel the need to cater to how i think they should look"

| >>595545 wrong, it's "I hate people who confuse my penis and make me a potential criminal"

| >>595549
Bro, please stop. This could genuinely be a comedy bit. Like, dude. Do you actually think people shouldn't be allowed to dress how they want because of your penis? Fuck off dude. Move to Norway. Our age of consent is 16, so you should be fine here. It's not hard to see that a girl who is 15 or younger is underage, and 16+ is legal, so it's truly the ideal age of consent for people like you.

| >>595560 that's morally dubious but whatever, you're my savior and I'm eternally grateful
> "move to Norway" added as a main quest objective
(btw, this whole thread was a bait/joke, thanks for playing the straight man, not in the sexual sense but in the comedy role of same name, I had fun my good g/u/rls)

| >>595562
I wouldn't call it morally dubious. Morally dubious would be telling you to move to Japan.
>"move to Japan" added as optional side quest

| >>595562
(Np my dude. I enjoyed the thread. Next time I can play the gay man if you pay a little extra. I can play bisexual if you pay for two people. If you want an outrage thread I you can play trans for four times the usual pay and for pedo I can take double.)

| Let them talk for a while about their thought world, listen to it, think about int and you'll find out soon how old they relly are. Problem solved.

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