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Do you charge your phone overnight?

| My relatives doesn't trust charging overnight at all since according to them, the battery will have its capacity lowered

Also for using headphones while charging: "You'll run in a risk of having your phone blow up

I trust them for the former but I'm kinda thinking of just doing it because apparently everyone else seems to do it, with a blowing Samsung phone and an quality charger and cable, nothing can go wrong, right?

| I charge mine overnight and don't have any issues. have for years. Like you said, I'm pretty sure if you have a quality charger and cord you should be okay. I had a really cheap cable + box before that gave me problems but other than that, it's been alright.

| I mean mechanisms inside nowadays devices are built the way so shit like "ur phone getting fucking heated till it blows" doesn't happen (unless u have some china 2 buck charger) and regarding that battery problem it shouldn't be really severe besides, u can just replace it if anything

| I used to charge my old phone overnight. It might have lowered, but I didn't mind. Don't do it with the new one. It has a function to stall the charging when it reaches 90%, but it needs to be charged at the same timing for it to know when, cause otherwise it'll think I'll eventually unplug it. Never heard the second one. My charge and headphones port is one port so I can't do that anyways.

| I charge overnight, but only through USB, never on power outlets

| I've heard that leaving it charging when it's at 100% for long periods of time can damage lithium ion batteries, but that may have been bullshit idk I charge my phone when it needs to be charged which is usually overnight

| IIRC, the overnight thing is a problem that earlier rechargeable/lithium ion batteries had, but ones made in the past few years no longer have this issue. I've never really "tested" it, though, so I can't confirm for sure.

I do recall reading that it's better to "overcharge" your phone than to let it drain *all the way,* though. In fact, batteries don't discharge *completely* even when it's past 0- it always has a little charge left. Supposedly when the charge dies *completely*, the battery is dead, unable to be reused.

| Phones now communicate with certain USB cables to change the voltage supplied, and the phone has built in protections. While 'overcharging' your battery could be bad for it, if you use your phone's charging port, it won't happen. However, if your phone is on while charging, it will start to 'top off' the battery when it dips below 100%. This can be bad for the battery, and also heat it up. The effect from that shouldn't be noticable though.

| Storing batteries at high levels of charge is not exactly good, but your phone won't explode for being maintained at 100% for 4 hours from time to time. As long as the discharge goes until about 15% or so, and you charge it again.
With that said it's very convenient to charge overnight.
Your battery life can only shorten with time (except when stored for long, and you have to charge and discharge it a few times)

| Well, there's been a decent amount of fires that have started from shit like that, but if you don't care about an increased risk of your house burning down, go for it.

| Shouldn't this supposed to be a /tech/ thread?
- Keep your (probably LiIo or LiPo) battery charged over ~60%. Often discharging it to ~0% will lower the capacity.
- Avoid high temperatures (>40°C)
- Avoid using bloated and redundant software (especially many proprietary exclusive messengers for proprietary central platforms).

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