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How hard is it to ask your therapist to prescribe you "Happy Pills"?

| I'm curious

| I mean I didn't have any trouble at all. I didn't go through a therapist though, I went through my regular doctor. He sat me down, had me fill out some forums, answer some questions, and based on the answers and medications I was currently on, prescribed me some mood stabilizers.

| I had severe depression and needed to be put on medication badly. He had no problem prescribing me anything. He gave me a prescription and just also recommended I seek counseling. You just need to be extremely honest with how you're feeling, and ask if they think putting you on medication would help.

| Thank you, all :)

| >>9163de no problem, dearie. Good luck <3

| Happy pills are for losers just get some FLEX GLUE to sniff

| if by happy pills you mean anti-depressants, it's extremely easy but calling them happy pills is extremely misleading

| I had prescribed antidepressants before. They gave me diarrhea and.. nothing. Turns out I didn't have depression and just teenage angst.

| *la-la*
..i take my pills and i'm happy all the time, i'm happy all the time, happy all the time...

| SSRIs are usually what doctors prescribe if the person has addictive tendencies or if addiction runs in the family. Mainly because benzos are usually related to drug abuse pills such as xanax and klonopin are benzos. SSRIs usually cant be abused making it a go to for doctors. So getting an SSRI is easy but it might be harder to get benzos especially if you try to request them specifically.

| You give them many money and tell them to please give you happy pills.

| Pfft, happy pills are for n00bs all you need is fresh air, get a hobby and a good mindset :)

| >>595661 or flex glue, flex glue can fix anything and the new flex glue clear is almost invisible wjen dry allowing you to fix even windows and vases without looking weird!

| >>595188
It's super easy.
But if you live in the USA it is cheaper to order them direct.

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