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I keep this board alive by samefagging

| I'm saving danger/u/ from dying

| o7

| ok

| Thank you for your dedication

| 7o

| Same uwu

| As long as they give you Sugar R/u/sh in Valhalla, danger/u/ is alive :3

| Well, you can always make a topic asking about stuff, and answer it yourself with different ID.

| >>594814 sometimes I pick a free VPN just to change my IP several times and trick myself into thinking that my thread is popular...

| >>594928 haha, I have a dynamic IP, I can post with different user ID several times a day. It just will trigger my depression and think "whatamidoingwithmylife" everytime I pretend to be a different persob from the OP.

| >>594978
I don't that occasionally, but not if I'm OP. I only do it if I have done a serious post in a thread and want to make a joke reply or vice versa.

| >>595135
oh that's a thing ?

| >>595353
I don't think it's a thing. It's just that if I'm partaking in a serious argument, making dumb jokes about said argument could result in the other side of the argument ignoring my points with that as a reason. I could just not post it, but instead I change ID to do it.

| holy shit im not as much of a neet as i thought

| Fag


| wow ok

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This thread is permanently archived