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I made a genuinely good card game and I'm not sure what to do with it

| At first it was so shit that it actually made me sad, but I completely changed everything except for the core concept and now it's really, really good.

Problem is that I don't know what to do with it. Should I make a digital version? Should I try to sell it somehow? If so, how do I go about doing it? Do I just tell someone "Hey, try this game I made. Please sell it too." Should I just do nothing and have the game for myself? That feels kind of dumb though.

| My dream job is to be a game designer, either on video games or physical ones, so I feel like doing nothing would be a missed opportunity. I how to go about getting it known either. I'm also underage, so I don't know how that works with potential contracts and stuff.

Does anyone here know anything that could help me?

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*I don't know how

| Try to go digital maybe somehow create a demo with a match against a ai while teaching the rules of the game.

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I guess that would be a good way to go about it, but that also means the potential of people interested in buying a deck would most likely be outside my country, and shipping costs here are pretty fucked.

My father want sto make a digital version, but I doubt he'll be making any AI or something, which would be the biggest positive for a digital version of a game like this.

| 1st major hurdle, play testing and rules writing. 2 strangers should be able to learn and enjoy your game without your help. There should be very little (ideally none) ambiguity.
2nd art. Does the game have art, if not does it need it. If so do you own the rights or have you licensed it?
Once those are out of the way you need to either sell the game to a publisher, or contact a manufacturer and get it made and try and sell it yourself.

| Today a lot of publishers can take your game and make it to the market. But you will get really small part of money
Or you can go to the manufacturer yourself but you need money and do all visual design with printing preparations yourself (or you can hire someone)

| I would stop what you are doing. Video games causes global warming.

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The game is fully finished and playable. Art(though one card has nazi imagery which should probably be changed), rules are written and functioning really well. I haven't watched two others play the game yet, but I most likely will today, so if that goes well, all I'm missing is the last part.

This may actually be possible due to the school I'm going to, but then I'd also need interest in the game and people who are willing to sell it (aside from me).

| Try to get in to some table games festivals
You will speak with professionals about what to do and you will make advertising just by letting people play your game

| >>591006 Before you start anything or get anyone else on board with the project, see if there is a way that you can make sure that the game is registered as being made in your name directly - so no one else steals your idea.

| Umm how do you know it's "genuinely good" if you haven't got someone else to play it?

Is there any tabletop game communities around you? Board game cafe? Get the people there to play your game. Get your name out.

If you got enough interest, got on contact with a manufacturer. maybe you can do some form of Kickstarter?

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I wish there was any communities like that here, but the closest ones are an hour away if I go by train, and due to the hours those places are populated I can never really play there.

I know it's genuinely good because I'm able to judge games pretty well. The fact that I made it doesn't cloud my view of it. If it's a game I'd like to play every now or then, maybe even regularly, it's probably good. I've also played with friends and family, and the response is good so far.

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That may be hard when I'm under 18 though, but I can look into it.

I wish there were things like that here, but there isn't. I don't live in the US, Britain or any of those places where events like that would be held.

Also, to add a little to that last bit: I don't judge how good the game is by what they say, but how they are when they play it. When they really get into it, are happy and feel smart when they do well and ask to play again, that's good.

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Did you check that there is no festivals around? Maybe nearly country? Germany, Russian, idn, where are you?

Also find out how to save your game from stealing even if you're under 18, just go to local lawyer and ask for consultation. If he cant make anything at least he will tell you how to do this.

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I'm in Norway. There's like 5 LGS total in the country my dude, no way there would be a big event like that. Maybe a small, barely known one in a basement in Oslo or something.

I might talk to my teacher about securing it, since making and selling products and services is part of my school program they must have some way to secure the ideas there. I just don't know how to go about getting it out there you know? Like, how do I find an audience for something like this?

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Isiest and the most efficient way is fly to another country for week and participate in festivals
This is advertising + consultation
You can send physical copy to board games themed blogger
You can ask for help at https://boardgamegeek.com/

| Or just go to publishers and find out what they can offer for making your game

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If I had the time and money to do something like that, sure. Right now or in any foreseeable future? No. I might make a post or something on that site though.

Possibly this. I'd prefer to produce it myself, but I don't have the resources for it.


| I would like to help you in digitalizing your little game.

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I don't feel like giving my little game to an anon on a forum is a good idea.

| Yep, this is bad idea

| what does it consist of exactly

| You could consider crowdfunding

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Why would I tell you when I just told you I haven't claimed the idea yet? I can tell you a little about it I guess, but I'm not going into detail about it.

Crowdfunding is good for stuff like this, but in order for something to be crowdfunded it needs a crowd, and I have no idea how to get that.

| >>591775 I think he wanted to work with you, like make it together.

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Well, yeah. There probably wasn't any ill intent behind it, but as I said, I'm not giving my game to a stranger.

| First thing to try, is claim ownership over the idea/game via whatever mechanism is available in your country (copyright, patent, etc). Document it as clearly as possible (with dates) so that you have at least some proof of ownership.

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Yeah. I'll look into it. Parenting it would be really nice.

| *patenting

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>one card has nazi imagery which should probably be changed
Is the game based on political movements, ww2, political ideologies in general, or history? Please god tell me im so interestwd

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Nah. It's based on concepts like justice and conviction. It only matters mechanics wise though, the game has no story or anything. It's only got a few different cards too.

I basically took concepts like the ones mentioned and figured out how they interact with each other. X concept removes/can spawn/can coexist with Y concept. Then I used that kind of logic to make a little system and built a game around it.

The art on conviction has both religious and nazi symbols.

| Never remove swastikas

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Well, it's not the fact that there's a swatika that's the problem about keeping the art. It's that the swastika is merged with a Christian cross, has a faded Star of David in the background and a star and crescent in the bottom corners to represent Islam. I just feel like that wouldn't sit well with some people.

| Based

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