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If someone won't do it then I will

| Someone should make an actual image board but stylized in the theme like danger/u/ I would love to see a fan made project like this site but more of a homage to the game kinda like the websites people have made for Lain (e.g, The Wired, Wired sounds for wired people)

| Naaah. I like this board *because* it's text-only.

| >>588930 glad to know that I'm not the only one

| >>588936
I'm here too, let's hold hands and make a wall of wholesomeness against the imageboard abomination.

| Sometimes discussion will benefit with images, but there's something special about text boards. You can do whatever you want but I think this site will still be more popular

| >>588968 x3

| danger/u/ will always be more comfy as just text.

| >>589287
definitely agree. danger/u/ is perfect the way it is

| Yeah, this is more comfy, but you know there is the next game. If they still have the danger/u/ thing and it upgrades with image boarding, maybe this will upgrade as well. Who knows anything is possible.

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This thread is permanently archived