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how do i live with this

| i dont like to admit this, but im slav. literally the worst fucking quality anyone could wish for and i cant get over it. people around me are utter morons who constantly harass me for my looks and tell me how i should live my life

u def are like "mind your own business lol" well i cant help it because im a goddamn sensetive sissy

so im basically stuck in my apartment, working for my dad while playing TF2 like a dressing game


| Squat a lot, drink vodka, collect Adidas products, say cheeky breeky and hit with all your strength anyone who offends you.

| Other slavs shame you for being a slav? That sucks.

| being slav is cool, try being black. you're the bottom of the barrel in this world if you are. constantly feel unwashed, trying to scrape the dirt off

| >>b40082
honestly, im so convinced slavs are the scum of the earth, I would rather be black and get shot by police or something

| >>588966

| >>588966
imagine being such a nigger that you reply to ID

| >>af76dc honestly op, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a slav, but if you don't want to be one then you can change.

and personally i don't even think you sound much like a slav, i just think you're worried that you might be a slav.

| So OP is a vodka nigga or something?

| >>c4bb66
i couldn't care less :*

| >>588978
I just don't wanna have the shitty accent nor people constantly mocking me for it man and ive been trying to move somewhere abroad, but that requires me waiting another 2-3 years because moneys tight
I know changes are possible, it's other depression shit that's been pushing my hopes even further

| I love sex

| >>589007 You can't just move somewhere unconditionally. You gotta be a professional at what you do so that they could use you.

| >>589009
i don't care whether i use ID to mention someone or not u dumbdumb
it does its job

| OP is definitely an ANGERY SLAV

| >>589046
im sure I can move anywhere if I have the money, it's just that I will be even more of a nobody there, being able to accomplish even less

| Lol, 1/2 of Danger/u/ are slavs. Including its admin.

| Сука блять

| >>589139 You can't buy a visa with money. and can't stay legally without it. You have to meet the minimum requirments set by respective immigration authorities of the target country to get their visa. Some, like Japan, require you to have a higher education, an employer and all want some sort of work experience in a field they need.

You can't be more of a nobody than nobody. You will have to leave friends, if you have, any and parents. Figure out a job and a place. That's it.

| >>588894 Try being Jewish, where a large amount of the world hates you and connects you to political conspiracies. Not to mention being born in a community which refuses to interact with the outside due to fear of outsiders, further perpetuating the reasons everyone hates us

I feel less and less that I actually belong anywhere.

| >>589483 it's not so many people who actually hate jews, it's just a smaller group of very vocal conspiracy loonies.

Now try being a white male and have the media constantly blame you for something some dudes did centuries ago just because they had the same gender and skin color as you, and have some companies refuse hiring you because the market is "saturated with white males" so you get a bad job as all the good ones think that you don't deserve it based on skin color and gender

| >>589522 being a cishet white male is much better than being jewish, i haven't seen anyone commit terrorist attacks specifically against white men, while there have been many against jewish people.

of course, this isn't just about jewish people, many other minorities also generally have it worse off than cishet white men.

| i'm not saying your problems aren't valid, or that cishet white men cannot have terrible lives or anything like that, that'd be silly. i'm simply saying that a lot of these things like companies being less likely to hire white men is simply to do with trying to correct the opression that many many groups have felt for decades or even more.

| >>589561 you mean I don't deserve a good job because I look like the "majority"? You mean I should feel bad for being born like this because some dudes that probably aren't even my blood relatives were evil centuries ago? You mean being part of a "minority" gives you the right to get special treatment and to make my life harder?

People talk nowadays as if there was no individuals, only groups and whatever any part of the group does is the responsibility of the whole group...

| something to remember is that if you want to blame someone for the hardships of not being able to get a job that isn't paying enough money for you to live, don't blame your fellow workers, blame the person who employs the workers. blame the person at the top for being so selfish that they'd rather keep their money over making sure the rest of us can eat and live.

| >>589566 no, i'd prefer if everyone had an equal chance to get whatever jov they wished, i was just explaining why these things were, i didn't say i really ageed with them. why stuff like for example the whole movement to get women into stem fields is to try and show people that they can go into those fields even if they break the norm of what society thinks that person should do.

| and for people of colour, they might have never been given the chance to get a good education. not due to people of colour having less inteligence or something, but to do with them suffering systematic opression that they can't get out of. i'd prefer if everyone was equal and all had the chance to do what they wanted without societal pressures or oppression forcing them into living situations that are unjust, but the world isn't there just yet.

| what has become of this world...

| >>589564
so being sexist and racist is okay now? go fuck yourself you leftie brainlet

| >>589569
affirmative action is admitting that white males are superior, if they need to walk nonwhites and women like babies into positions of power, while white men get there themselves.
it's a discriminatory measure.

right, it's as bad as people that blame everything on white males, including >>589561

| >589570
those "people of colour" had centuries to come up with a civilization, and third-world countries are still shitholes. i wonder where the whole oppression was then.

| >>589641 how do you think we should fix the problem of the strange amount of minorities being stuck in terrible living situations?

also, there's no need to be rude.

| >>589643 white men don't get there themselves, though, society gives cishet white men a definite advantage in life.

uhh, i never blamed the terrorist attacks happening on jewish people on white men. if i had to blame one group, it'd be neo-nazis.

| >>589656
i'm rude cuz i'm angry that people can be so fucking stupid and hypocritical liars.

i propose that we leave them to their own 100%. no interference, no aid. that they then get the system that they deserve, with the benefits and the suffering that they deserve.

if they are worth something it'll work. if not then they deserve the outcome and fuck i just saw the New replies detected pop up, i hate having to reply to this toxic shit but here we go

| >>589658
what advantages to white men get?
and don't use leftie-made-up words like "cishet", it makes you sound like an SJW tranny.

you should also blame far-left terrorists, by the way. but you're probably biased.

| >>589644 ignoring an obvious insinuation, if you want a genuine answer why humans in "third world countries", i'd say it's because of the resources in those places.

also, i wasn't talking about people in those places when i was talking about people of colour, so your argument doesn't really work unless you're insinuating that they're inferior and don't deserve help.

| >>589659 you indeed are very angry, you should consider calming down. if that's the case then what's the point in helping anyone ever?

also what do you mean by the "suffering they deserve"?

| >>589660 okay, i admit it. advantage wasn't the best way i could've worded it. i suppose a better way would've been

cishet white men don't get as many disadvantages as other groups of people do.

and why wouldn't i use cishet since it's very relevant to the conversation. also, it's not a word, it's an abbreviation.

also, do you have any information on these far-left terrorists? and i could say the same thing about you being biased, but i'd rather not since that's strawmanning

| This guys know that being slav is fckn cool

| >>589661
those resources are plenty and still there today, but they're fighting each other now. Europe had resources too and fucking turned all that around well enough to go on conquer the world. africans never invented beekeeping, for example. you can't name one thing they invented on their own that's actually useful...

well many blacks in america keep whining about benefits and food stamps. i say, let life be just, let them work on their own, we don't owe them anything.

| >>589664
are you sure you're not just racist against white people? you're saying that because of some mysterious intrinsic value proper to their race, white people have it better in life and are superior in society? i love it. thanks for admitting it. Sieg Heil!
people are inferior if they're obsessed about drugs and shooting up each other instead of striving for the betterment of civilization, choffer.

| if you want to talk about privilege, you should start talking about jewish priviledge.

jews are heavily overrepresented in the richest 1%, in congress, and in the media industry. hollywood is run by jews, it's owned by jews. the news and world info that you get comes from tv agencies saturated by jews. if you compare those numbers to the number of actual jews residing in the USA, you will find that they are very overrepresented.
what causes them to have such an advantage?

| >>589970
it's time that we smash the jewish patriarchy, am i right?

| >>589970 bitch, this whole "overrepresentation" argument is what plunged the world into this shitty doward spiral in the first place.

| >>af76dc
какой же ты мудак

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