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Is this normal? What do I do?

| I'm very introverted, and when facing personal issues I go AWOL from my friends, both online and offline. This happens also because when I'm with my friends, I get roped up into work, middle of drama, etc; and I prefer my sollitude.

But when I feel better, I feel guilt for leaving my friends behind. When I see they leave messages, I don't know how to respond and fear clicking to see the message and leave them on read. I set myself offline too.

Am I being a jerk? I don't know.

| I especially feel guilty to if I start talking to other new people in the meantime. I don't intend to do this on purpose, it just happens. And it makes it even more awkward if I end up speaking to the people who I basically disappeared from as well, despite not intending for that to happen.

I hate being in this position. I'm grateful people care for me. But I'm tired of always being roped into everyone else's life and expectations trying to deal with my own issues.

| I just don't even know how to explain this without sounding like a self absorbed asshole. But I wanted to at least vent out this frustration, even if no one has an answer.

| I definitely get this feeling. Maybe just set aside a few hours every week to hang out and then the rest of the week you can do whatever.

| kys.

| Move to another country and find a new life there, then learn to better manage your time and relationship bit by bit with the new people you'll encounter. You may think I'm joking, but I dropped out of uni partly because of this, and I'm getting my French visa very soon. The language barrier should also help to let people leave me alone.

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This thread is permanently archived