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Very Sleepy, Angry and Unmotivated.

| Despite being a NEET, having no hobbies or interests— I constantly find myself to get easily tired. I'm always sleepy, and wake up tired regardless. I'm also an angry individual who wants to always be in the right. And uh, what else... oh yeah, I take great pleasure in other people's pain. Lately, the only way I find any interest in speaking to my boyfriend is through arguments. Otherwise, I have no interest in talking to him. What's wrong with me?

| I've barely scratched the surface with my issues. But, I just can't pinpoint what's wrong with me. I've zero interest in people, and only want to talk to them when I need something or wanna play. Like, otherwise, I don't care for them.

| And like, I don't want to work. So the only real reason I'm with my boyfriend is because he promised to take care of me. I'm well aware I'm a leech, but I make things so difficult for him.

| >pets

| Huh? I need a pet?

| > I can't pinpoint what's wrong with me
I dunno, op. I think you've identified them well enough. 1) You have no hobbies/interest. 2) You get angry all the time. 3) You don't want to work.

Find some hobby. Find some work, no matter how small. Do something that calms you down even though it seems pointless.

Pets would be a great. They'll give you a non-judgmental company and someone you can take care of.

| Getting a hobby you enjoy will make you feel better about yourself. It's normal to not want to work, work sucks.

| I know where you are, to some extent. Was a NEET for a good year after I graduated, and I must say it was miserable.
But, after I got my job, I felt better. It's something that occupies my day, and something that gives me the satisfaction that I am at least doing something.
Does not mean I want to go to work, but I know that if I didn't, I would both be broke and miserable.
You could also go the housewife route and learn to cook and clean, your BF would appreciate it at least.

| I would also like to add: Find God.
That alone is a good 50% of why I ain't 6' under with a hemp necktie or lead injection.

| >boyfriend
Kys cunt.
Envy aside, finding hobbies or a profession of some sort to occupy yourself with is the best way to distract yourself from misery. If you have no idea, ask for advice from people around. If also no, then why not here?
Don't do pets if you know you're not a motivated person.
Also, I'd prefer you not rely on religion, especially since the faithful tend to not notice when they turn toxic, at least less so than druggies. But it's still an option.

~colic ghoul gawk

| "I dont know whats wrong with me"

You've already identified the problems, it's just a matter of if you're willing to fix them.

If you're only with your boyfriend for money purposes and constantly argue with him, you should probably get some kind of a job and become financially stable. If I were him, I'd eventually end up leaving you. Also you'd probably kill a pet if you aren't motivated enough.

| try taking responsibility, its the right pathway to a meaningful life
mb watch jordan peterson he is the best at that kind of talk

| Sleep less, somehow sleeping too much tends to make you more sleepy and less productive.

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