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any aristocrats here?

| an actually serious question. are there any elite g/u/rls here? aristocrats born into good places or otherwise nobility of some sort.
who's the most virtuous socialite here?

alternatively, if we're all mud-crawling proles, how confident are you that you're the richest/most famous g/u/rl in this thread / on this site?

| as for OP, no chance. i'm a commoner through and through.
i'm also pretty fugging poor.

i'm interested in learning etiquette and being a respectable person tho. oh well, we all have sad dreams

i think maybe higher-class g/u/rls are enticing to me. there's something gently imposing to it all.

| >>588722 also, my captcha was
>fat urdu sows
what did captchan mean by this

| I'm just a faggot like all of you

| >>588743
look, i know we're all worthless, i'm just trying to find the least worthless person here

| I'm pretty high up, probably, being upper middle class in california

| >>588768
how do the authorities treat you? (ie law, tax, rules, etc)

| >>588770
I'm white and upper-middle class in the US so I basically get away with most things

| Oui oui par le vou Fran├žois

That's French for "I'm loaded with money you plebs"


| >>588782
how are you politically/ideologically

| >>588788
dubs. also, not taking the bait

| >>588789
it wasn't bait

| My grandparents claim we can trace our family to old nobility, and my family have sone relations-by-marriage to people who do keep track of their noble lines.

Of course, being in a proudly democratic third-world country, absolutely none of that matters.

| >>588816
democracy is sad senpai

| My family is definitely the 'fallen nobles' kind. My mother would sometimes talk about her prestige as a king's concubine, how her family was one of the few to own vehicles, and how her male classmates would line up outside as she walks in, which sounds so fucking anime I tell ya. Sadly, a country-wide event causes her to lose everything, and broke apart the family. Now she spends her days as an entrepreneur, chasing for what she once had, and expecting me to succeed her work.

| My bloodline is tied to Clan Montgomery in Scotland. We used to have a castle, but now we are middle/upper-middle class people and our fucking castle lies in ruins.

| >>588877 shit dude, I want some ruins too

| >>588859
which country
also sad but i'd follow you into battle tbh, for your family heritage etc
you're gonna have to build that back someday my gurl

| i'm sad that nobility and aristocracy isn't as prevalent as it was in earlier days

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