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anxious of jobs/internships

| Man I fucking hate jobs or internships. The thought off just having to deal with people for a lousy internship drives me crazy and stresses me so much already

how does one cope with this shit,, there has to be something that is not "this is something you have to find out yourself"

| Welcome to the real world, op

| There is seldom ever a free lunch in this world op, but with the right attitude and experience you can get where you want to be.

If you take the internship, use the money and work schedule to level up your life. Start a blog, post your content, and show the world you are more than just another intern.

Live strong <3

| I prefer to not be around people much, so I switched to a 3rd shift job. I'm security for a university and do some minor building maintenance. I had to go through a week of dayshift training, and that sucked ass, but I'm loving this third shift gig. Theres no people aside from a few straggler students working late, I dont really have coworkers to deal with, I work at my own pace, and I'm basically my own boss.

| I don't think your body is acquiring enough of the body's important sexual orgasms. At least try to orgasm every once in a while for body maintenance. Satisfy yourself to your hearts content. But if you, "this is something you have to find out for yourself", then you require an aiding assistance to sexually stimulate your body to get the fluids out of you, for your needed naughty heart-rendering orgasms. Orgasm yourself really good to surpass being anxious. Orgasm really hard OP.

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This thread is permanently archived