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Crying in secret

| I really need to cry and I can't do it at home since dad is always here and the apartment is small.
I obviously can't cry at work and crying on the street makes me feel watched and anxious.

Does danger/u/ know good ways of crying in hidden? I'm desperate, I already cried on the shower but I can only do that for so long.

| Into your pillow is a good idea, or maybe while washing your face. I hope you're okay, anon... If you wanna chat, my Discord is Kam#9369.

| >>588665
I'm thinking washing my face, I know if I start crying on my pillow I will probably not stop and/or be heard by father.
I might add you later, I'm holding out too much now and don't want to let it out all on you.

| I really don't mind, anon. I've been through similar situations, so you can vent to me if it'll help. I know going through something like this alone is really hard. So, you're very strong for being able to hold on like this for so long.

| I usually hide in the toilet when I'm about to cry in public. Helps to calm down, cause somehow being around people make the impulse to cry stronger for me. I wish you get better.

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I know it will take me days to feel better. I can't use my house bathroom to cry because it's a small apartment and my dad could hear me, work bathroom is a possibility but I can't remain there more than 5 minutes without someone looking for me.

| 4chan suggests that I go to the woods or a river but I'm pretty sure the nearest nature spot is miles away

| I cry quietly and calm myself fast I guess. Never got caught. Once I was crying during a class and noone noticed. Takes practice.

| Being metaphorically invisible helps.

| >>588830
I mean I'm usually used to crying when feeling in great sadness, as to not hold back those feelings.
But this time is different, It's more pain than what I'm used to


| Just go out and start crying in the rain

No one understands the heartache,
No one feels the pain,
Cause no one ever sees the tears
When you're crying in the rain,
When you're crying in the rain,
Crying in the rain

| >>588664 cry in the bathroom with the water running. Preferably the shower or bath.

| You can only cry in the bathroom... Or in pappy's arms

| I've used a friend's place before. Just like explaining the situation, and they might know of a good time

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