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An all girl community

| So far I’m convinced that this community is all female. Which is nice for a change cuse I hate getting harassed by boys all the time.
What do you gals think?

| Who said you can't get harassed without boys around?

| watch out for the lesbians, we have poor self control

| I don’t mind female harassment that much at least they know how to smooth talk a girl -_-

| I agree OP, g/u/rls only was the best policy we ever implemented.

| *mandatory post from a boy*

| >>588676
fake and gay

| >>588683 https://i.imgur.com/CSuB3ZW.png

| Sorry to disappoint you.
The crystal cafe is what you are looking for.

| >>588686

| What are you talking about OP, there's no boys on the internet, this community is pretty commonplace on that aspect

| >>588696 Wait what does that mean something bad. I was basically saying no u which doesn't really mean anything anymore.
I'm bad at the internet.

| It's the current year, no point in being grossed out by being fake and gay B)

| >>588696
nothin personnel kid. i just meant BOYS ARE GROSS. also didn't get that uno thing.

authentic and straight

| If there's no boys on the internet, explain the President's twitter account. Elon Musk's, too.

| >>588707



Uno reverse card: when played on a previous card, reverses it's effect to target the person who played it

| >>588711 Maybe. But Elon Musk is too much of an absolute madman to care about this arbitrary internet rule, and Trump... probably isn't internet-savvy enough to know about it.

| >>588707 lemme guess, you never played Va-11 Hall-a

| i have le dicke

| >>588717
big yikes

| >>588715 I've played, I'm just messing around at this point.

| >>588724


| >>588732 I met a guy named Dick while on vacation this summer but he lives in a whole different state so I'm afraid I can't help you here.

| >>588717
S'il vous plaît fournir la photo ou dégage d'ici.
> ammo danes dicks

| >>588735
il est un peu pourri ton français dsl

| Hon hon hon se le par le vous francois con fromage du orage et stadia salut dun advocato

| I thought calling each other g/u/rl was just a meme

| has anyone here actually posted dick pics after being told to prole themselves?

| prove*

| >>588740 This is the internet, basically everything is a meme at this point.

>>588766 I hope not.

| >>588766
i would do it if someone bought me a camera

| >>588766
the only pictures I send are of my cock

| >>588736
ça fé mal sista

| Wait, I'm confused, is everyone a guy pretending to female then saying that this community is mostly female or is everyone here actually mostly female?

| >>588766

It has happened at least once.

| >>588824 At this point I have no idea. I feel there's probably plenty of boys and girls here and everyone's just going along with the joke.
I am a guy, not that it matters.

>>588829 Here's hoping it never happens again, or at least that I don't see it.

| people itt need to stop larping
if youre actually g/u/ys, dick pic or gtfo, this community is g/u/rls only

| >>588829 damn I must have missed it

>>588876 boys are ok too, they just never show up. they're all tech illiterate :<

| >>588766 I've seen people post their dicks on here quite a few times, but idk if it was to "prove anything."

| >>588880
boys are gross and will shit up the board because they dont know how to use it!

| any g/u/ys?

| Everyone who posted their Myanimelist account on /a/ were male btw. If someone is hungry for dicks, they can have em there.

| >>588882
I agree with you on that there horrible most of the time

| >>588901
they're lying for attention

| >>588971 oh snap, please do expose those catfishing lesbos!

| No pedos or catfishers allowed only girls so dickpick or gtfo

| No guys, no girls. Only g/u/rls

| >>589251
Only the best.


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