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what do you like to drink?

| what's your drink of choice? personally I'm a big red wine kinda guy but I also drink beer and vodka

| Coke vodka! alway coke vodka


| Piss lager and old fashioned.

| Water. But mineral water, none of that demineralized bullshit.

| I love sex.

| Milk

| ^

| >>587631
fuck that shit

| Sparkle water is cool (when cool). From alcoholic, Bad Touch.

> lark tiffs kid

| Monster, Battery, Burn. Basically just decent tasting energy drinks + water and coffee.

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besides alcohol, all I ever drink is water, Red Bull, coffee

| I like tea the most

| If we talking about alcohol - nothing beats good old beer for me. Sometimes lager, sometimes sout, but never that sour ipa thing...

If we talking about non-alcohol drinks - cold distilled water is the best. Also any kind of freshly squeesed juices (even kale or lemon). And good coffee made in hario v60... That's an art.

Also I found it's funny how vodka in russia feels kinda eugh, boring, cheap and simple, but wiskey is cool. And abroad vodka feels kinda romantc and badass

| non alcoholic ive basically replaced everything with water and love it.
as far as alcoholic goes rums really good but drinking a beer with someones super comfy

| torque todos Los gente estan hablaiendo sobre alcohol. Me Gusta leche chocolate

| Whiskey, just the thought of it ugh but since I am not the type to drink usually and apart from alcohol - I love "zero" soda drinks such as Pepsi max, Coke zero or whatever and just water

gotta enjoy while you can right?

| Green tea is the best thing ever IDC what you think.

Beer is okay if we're talking about alcoholic drinks. Something like John Smith's. I've also tried Old Fashioned recently and I think I'll be treating myself to it now and then.


| Hard sweet drinks, like ale, lemonade, ciders, and rum. Tea is also a true nectar of the gods.

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Dubs. Tea is the shit but I'm not big on sweet drinks. They make me feel sick

| Coffee. For alcohol, rum and cola.

| water.

| Ginger beer, alcoholic or non they're both great

| Water all day every day

| Energy drinks


| I'm a coffee guy when it comes to non alcoholic stuff. When it comes to alcohol I love whisky, beer and grappa (If you don't know what it is, it's a typical Italian liquor made out of the leftovers of wine production, it's the shit, I swear)

| Beer

| Milk, tea, clear soda, flavored water

| Literally any kind of liquor. Fuck me up fam. I'll drink whatever if it gets me shitfaced.

But aside from that, tea, most any kind of soda, and lots of water. Gotta stay hydrated homies

| Yo we should have a tea party or smth

| >>588870 fuck yeah, danger/teaparty

| >>588870
I'd be down for that.

| Green tea. It's the most self-sufficient tea out there.

| >>588870 I want an energy drink party, but a tea party is also nice

| >>588870
i'll go if it's nearby

| >>588938
Bro, we could combine it.

| >>588938 >>588953
you see, i may look unassuming on the outside, but on the inside i am a battlefield of dark and light forces converging in an epic liquid war

| Buffalo Trace Whiskey

| Love juices

| Vodka bad its stirring inside me as we speak

| Whisky (primary Scotch and Japanese), German cider and cocktails if they are good. My favourites are Tokyo ice tea and white Russian.
Non alcoholic are fresh made (ice) teas, just water or a good coffee.

| Beer, coffee repeat
Beer, coffee repeat
Beer, coffee repeat

| salty coffee

| water

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