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What have you been up to?

| Hey. I've been real bored lately, my legs hurt and my shoulder feels like it's ready to come out of its socket but I still keep playing around with a dumb VR set to pass the time. What do you do with your free time nowadays? Anything interesting lately?

| I've been watching a lot of American TV recently. It's gotten a lot better over the past few years, some of these shows are really good. Plus, they don't have stupid anime tropes. I've also been achievement hunting in some of my old games to get some extra value out of them, and practicing drawing in ink.

| Playing games, watching anime and feeling miserable for never going out but too tired to go out because my job's sucking out my soul lately, good thing this fucking hell of a project is almost over and then I'll be back to working on fun stuff

| I'm upset with my gf for manipulating me into staying up too late and now I've got go the next 18 hours with no sleep and she didn't get why I'd be upset. Part of me is thinking about dumping all my belongings in a dumpster and killing myself right now.

| >>582214 I've been having these thoughts off and on over the past seven years and the only thing keeping me from deleting myself has been the desire to spite those who would revel in my death by continuing to exist. I don't know. Maybe that makes me an asshole. It's hard to kill myself when I get a jolly out of denying others my death. So no, not becoming an an hero. But angry and thinking of the void at the moment.

| I lost my wife and im in depression.
Atleast i have my anime girls to cheer me up.

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This thread is permanently archived