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Cheap chat

| Let's talk about something, but please, be respectful to each other

| Wyld Stallions in concert?

| It's cold lately, huh?

| Chitto chatto marchu~

| Donuts have no nutritional benefits.

| Being homosexual is gay.

| It's ok to be white

| Why is my circle pizza delivered to me in a square box?

| >>582076 it's easier and cheaper to produce square boxes.
But I dunno why the pizza can't be a square to fit the box

| >>647bda It's cheaper to produce too, You spend less materials on a round pizza, because its smaller than square

| >>582048 Is that from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure or is there an actual band as well?

| >>582102

I dunno if there's a real band, but I was quoting Bill & Ted, yeah.

| Oh man, we're so socially awkward we can't even hold a normal chat.....
Except maybe >>bcade3 and>>52ca4c

| >>582109
Don't worry, we're awkward in a good way, don't you think ?

| >>647216 It's much better than insult each other, aaaaand talking about random things is kinda fun, isn't it?

| >>582299
That's right, I'll take you up on the offer : how random do you like your conversations ?

| I like liking things

| So if I like you, you like me ?

| >>647216 To be honest, I prefer meaningful dialogues, but here I feel in another world, I want to drown in it and any conversations, even random ones, I really like very much

| >>582323 don't know about her but I sure like you

| I'll bring up a topic!

Is water wet?

| I'd say water is wet, but not in the same way that other things are. Water is 'wet' because it makes other things wet, not because it's covered in other water.

| >>582398
I wouldn't consider water in and of itself wet
Because wetness/dryness is a property that describes how much water something does or doesnt have
I'd say water wouldnt be wet, but its clearly not dry. Its a thing we dont hae a word for

| is a soap bottle with soap dried up on the outside clean or dirty?

| I'd say water is the base measurement for how wet something is. You either have something dry af like dust down at 0% wetness, and water at 100%. So water, although it sounds kinda weird, would be the wettest something can get imo.

| I don't think wetness has to do with water content.

Wet is the state of something when you pour a liquid over it, and said thing retains this liquid. A piece of cloth is wet when you pour liquid on it, but if you apply a hydrophobic coating, it won't get wet because it won't retain the liquid.
On another note you can measure humidity, which is how saturated with water air is.

| Jeez, I am lost it

| >>582048
Be excellent to each other.

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