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Two good novels

| Reverend insanity and Release that witch.
I won't say anything, cause i am lazy jerk.
The only thing i'll say is that the synopsis of the second novel is bad written and misleading (i wasn't reading it for a long time because of this, one time i tryed to read it and it turned out to be really good).
Try reading them if you love to read good fantasy without plotholes and with good writing style. They are also very exotic.
And the first one has a cool edgy anti hero.

| i didn't want you to be left all alone without replies so i'll post this
even though i don't really read

| But is there sex involved?

| >>582016
why do you ask?

| Why wouldn't I ask?

| >>582017 it's probably sex lover chan

| Uhh. Not really into Chinese fantasy web novels. Sorry

| >>582188 they are both written in western style and don't follow their cliches

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This thread is permanently archived