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Captcha mandatory thread

| I've entered my captcha with 5th attempt. I was about to give up. Why does it have to make me feel miserable? I'm pretty sure I saw an eight, but that doesn't make sense.

| Stop bullying captchan! ;~;
>frond robyn mean

| Captcha sucks. If you can't find another way to stop the spammer, at least give us an option to reload captcha

| >>578482 You can always refresh the page. It'll give you a new captcha and keep what you were going to post. Or at least that's how it works for me, maybe it doesn't for some browsers or on mobile.

| >noobs can't solve a damn captcha

| >>578483 None of these cucks use the browser to post here.

| Yea lain should make it keep your text when you reload on the app, work around is just select all copy reload paste but it's still an inconvenience and I end up saying fuck it half the time

| Like I said in some other posts, we could also use an tolerance system that will just let it slide if we got a letter wrong

| Or, maybe you should try to be smarter than a bot. If you can't get the captcha under 5 times, I'm not sure you can really be called a human

| >>579060
Sometimes the captcha is real fucky. Also sometimes a letter can be outside of visible range.

| >>579060 my vote is to execute people like this surely they must be half robot half human to be able to get the captcha every time!

| Also of note there are/were a few that would always be wrong even though you got them right

| >>578276 first generation synths will have that problem, yes, you have to install the 9.15.7 patch for your optics software to be able to read captchas

| So many robophobes

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This thread is permanently archived