How to die?

| Plz guys help I don't know how to die.

| A sacrificial pawn for exploring outer space for the good of humanity.

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Is there like a WikiHow page about that? Cause I really lost you there.

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Is there like a WikiHow page on how to answer your question? Cause I really lost you there.

| >>578268 I feel like this is referencing something...also "loyalty to your country", bro lol

| First you have to have a life...

| Ouch.

| just tell your cells to stop

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(。ŏ_ŏ) savage

| 1. Grab a chair
2. Tie some rockets to it
3. Sit on the chair
4. Lauch the rocket chair
5. You're dead in space

Prerequisites: you need to be a Chinese emperor wanting to become the first man on the moon

| Don't kill yourself. Kill your self...

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Oh shit that's deep

| Be hose mad on /test/

| >>578416 they asked how to die, not how to get vaporized

| >>578416 Step 5 is wrong. You'll smash your head on the celling. Might die that way, but that's unlikely.

| >>578263 Take that edge and open cut you throat open.

| Don't give up on life, OP. I won't if you won't.

| overdose on DMT

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