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Fuck censorship. Fuck off.


| I love sex

| Shut the [REDACTED]

| Yeah. Why are they even banning/removing posts containing certain words? It's not like the advertisers are gonna leave.

| >>578214
That's what the government wants you to believe

| >>578272 your life is meaningless.

| >>578367 your ancestors incestors

| We'll just have to get creative with our insults

| Man dangeru really keeps fucking up

| Welcome to danger/u/ there are no real rules about posting

There are no real rules about moderation ether so stop fucking winning

| >>578728 >so stop fucking winning
what a sore loser

| >>578731
I had a little kek.

| >>578728 I thought I would never encounter a retard that thinks censorship is good... guess I was wrong.

| Go commit not alive, guys. Freak you all. This is fecking bullshit.

| >>578788
I rly hope you never run a place I visit.

| >>578827 yeah me too.

| Honestly "censorship" is so overused as an excuse to just say dumb shit, also remember that you can go else where if you don't like it, this isn't the only anonymous text board in existence

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This thread is permanently archived